Compatible Inkjet Ink

  Tall 22:43 25 Jan 2008

What are your findings on comaptible inkjet ink? Good/bad experiences?

I've been happy with and click here, to name but two, but I noticed this really cheap website and wondered if anyone had given it a try?
click here

My specific interest is for Canon (Pixma MP600), although all experiences would be interesting.

Your comments could highlight the best and the worst of the compatibles market, and perhaps save others from bad experiences through the buying of tacky ink. You might be able to steer us to the best of both worlds - cheap, high-quality ink.

  Stuartli 23:03 25 Jan 2008

Not compatible...:-)

If it was possible, the printer manufacturers couldn't sell their own equivalents, despite the staggeringly high costs in many instances.

It's basically a compromise - buy compatibles at lower prices, but don't expect the same level of longevity, lack of fading etc of photos or other printouts using original inks over extended periods of time.

  961 17:28 26 Jan 2008

Although I've used remanufactured and compatibles for many years I've recently had trouble with three cartridges from 3 different suppliers

The response on complaining hasn't been good either

So I've now gone back to original HP high capacity twin packs

They are dearer but they seem to last much longer, and the colour is back

Have cheap alternatives just got TOO cheap?

  grumpygramp 19:18 26 Jan 2008

I have used for years for compatable carts .I do photo printing for the whole family circle with an Epson Photo printer .Colours are perfect provided I use Genuine Epson Photo gloss paper .In the old days when The consumer Which awarded a Stamp of approval they held one till Which stopped issueing them altogether .

  PalaeoBill 10:51 28 Jan 2008

Hi Tall
I recently placed an order with and I will be trying their bulk refills (colour & black) in a Canon CX350 business card printer. I will let you know the outcome.

  Tall 18:37 28 Jan 2008

Thanks for letting me know about your order for ink. I think a lot of people will be interested in how you get on - I certainly will.

  Yabadaba™ 19:14 28 Jan 2008

I use compatable ink cartridges for my two Epson printers Stylus CX6600 & Stylus Photo R265 from click here ,I have been using them for approx 2 years and am very happy with the results.

  Stuartli 19:32 28 Jan 2008

I bought my latest set of compatible inkjet compatible cartridges for my Epson R300 from click here

The price is approximately £4.20 including VAT for all six required cartridges; I bought several packs to make full use of the courier delivery charge.

I'm still using the first set of five packs I bought, which are rebadged under the Sumvision name (known especially for MP3 players).

They are probably produced by the same manufacturing source as those in the link supplied by Yabadaba™, as earlier sets I bought on e-Bay had similar detailing.

Incidentally, I found some time ago that leaving my Epson R300 permanently switched on not only produces superior text and photographs, but prevents the constant cleaning on switch-on that uses up so much ink unnecessarily.

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