compatible ink cartridges?

  Jackie1 23:03 17 Oct 2004


I was wondering if buying compatible inks for a printer will do any damage or are they really just the same as the originals?

  spuds 00:19 18 Oct 2004

You should have no problems using compatibles from recommended sources.In the main, the cartridges used are originals that have been cleaned,checked and refilled to manufacturers specifications. They should be supplied with a full no quibble returns/replacement guarantee.

All good traders will also provide a printer repair guarantee should their product damage your printer.

Reputable and recommended suppliers click here click here

  red43 dog 12:21 18 Oct 2004

Its even cheeeeper to refill.about 3 times then the heads may suffer depends on the printer.It works for me.

  zincy 14:45 18 Oct 2004

wow choice stationary is very cheap for epson ink. Might give it a try

  Magik ®© 14:51 18 Oct 2004

I will let you know how i get on, just placed my first order with choice for my Epson 680, went for the bulk pack at roundabout £25

  maks 14:55 18 Oct 2004

i tried ink cycle - the cartridges were terrible, colours bled and came out either yellow or green. Blacks seemes ok, but i wouldnt use these brands again.

  Migwell 23:50 18 Oct 2004

I Tried Ink cycle after three colour cartriges that did not work I asked for my money back and went to Choice Stationary and NEVER had a problem yet.

  jakimo 00:28 19 Oct 2004

there is no evidence that compatible inkjet inks are the same quality as the originals,have a read of this article.

click here

  shifty 17:23 20 Oct 2004

I used compatible ink cartridges from Choice Stationary for years on an Epson 760 without any problems to the printer or with the quality of prints. The problems started when I replaced it with an Epson C80 that had chipped cartidges. Most of the cartidges I tried where rejected by the printer, two seperate batches from Choice stationary where all rejected and returned. Started filling my own and resetting the chips.

  Stuartli 17:26 20 Oct 2004

After the four original cartridges (one black, three colour) for my Canon BJC600e were empty, I began using JR (and later) Jettec compatible ink refills and/or cartridges.

The printer still works perfectly both for text and photo printing, is on its original print head and is as quiet and virbration free as when first purchased for £394 including VAT.

I've just bought one of the Tesco colour refill inks pack as it's on half price offer at present (£4.96; black equivalent £3.96) and so far the results are equally as good.

The Tesco packs are almost certainly produced by JR or similar company and, at the present prices or even standard charges, are even better value than the Morrisons offerings for once.

  Hunte® 18:53 20 Oct 2004

I use SVP Commuinications for Jettec cartridges. Not only are they cheap, but I have found them to be the best going.

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