Compatible cartridges.

  Tazfan 10:47 13 Feb 2009

click here

"Print-Rite 86T compatible cartridge range (Epson and Canon)"they are the best in the world (equal in quality to OEM at a fraction of the cost). Also, HP remanufactured cartridge range contains 200% more ink than HP OEM cartridges so they last 4 times as long."

I have no connection with this company other than having dealt with them. Several friends have used them and have been very happy indeed.

Check them out. I believe they are better than Choice Stationary. They do not sell anything as bad as Choices ThinkInk cartridges that are really cheap and have a habit of blocking print heads. They are real economy cartridges that Consumable Cafe wouldnt touch because "they dont reach out high standards."
All I can say is simply compare their prices if you need anything. For some things they are "the cheapest in the Country."

  Clapton is God 11:33 13 Feb 2009

Thanks for your advertising.

I'll stick with Choice.

  Tazfan 16:00 13 Feb 2009

Im sorry, but I am not advertizing. I am simply passing on information for a company that I have found that is good.
I have used Choice, and I have used Consumable. I will not be going back to Choice.
If you want to stick with Choice, its your choice. By doing so though, ironically, you are not giving yourself any choice.
Im sure that like me, IF you TRIED the site I use, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Is it not ok to pass on a good deal when I find one? I could understand you saying I was advertizing if I was connected with the company in some way, but I am not. I am just a happy customer passing on my experience.
There is a difference.
Thank you for your input though.

  David4637 14:22 15 Feb 2009

Choice is about 50% cheaper than the above, and offer a very good service. David

  wrumble 14:06 11 Aug 2010 click here and click here offer amazing deals on cheap compatible ink cartridges especially cheap HP cartridges.

  rdave13 14:37 11 Aug 2010

I used to use Choice but had a bad batch of those ThinkInk rubbish. Moved to Inkredible and haven't looked back.

  jaraba 10:51 12 Aug 2010

I use an Epson & used to use Choice but found these click here cheaper.

  six-h 23:47 16 Aug 2010

Thanks for that rdave....
Now if I can once again unblock my Canon printhead from the black gunge that passes for Think ink, I'll give 'em a try!

  Kevscar1 07:12 17 Aug 2010

considering I can get 10 compatibles for 29.99 and your site offers 6 for 24.99 you are the one making a bad choice.

  jakimo 17:20 18 Aug 2010

"Print-Rite 86T compatible cartridge range (Epson and Canon)"they are the best in the world"

you should read some of the independent reports before making such sweeping statements.

personally, In 17 years I have never found a compatible to match a genuine original ink for continuity,true colour\brightness and longevity. I have never found one that does not fade or have a colour change in less than 3 years.

As the saying goes "you only get what you pay for"

click here

  961 18:58 18 Aug 2010

I've read what you say and also the report that your link provides

I agree when you say that for the very best quality you should use original ink coupled with branded paper

And when wanting the very best A4 photos that exactly what I use. "You get what you pay for", as you say

When I want the best photos at a more modest cost, I'll often use branded colour cartridges together with compatible black

And, day to day printing, compatible cartridges cost a fraction of the price especially since most of the time fade/colour change isn't a problem because the page is not needed after a few days

I feel if there was a more reasoned price by the manufacturers for ink none of us would bother to faff about like this

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