Comparison advice between Canon S70 and the G6

  buckland 13:25 10 Dec 2004

I have a Canon Powershot A40 digicamera (2m Pixels). Very pleased with it but now wish to up-grade to around 7m Pixels. Inclined to stay with Canon as user friendly (to me at least) and reliable. I am considering the Canon S70 or their G6 but cannot make up my mind. I am an "ordinary" photographer and no specialist but do occasionally have close up work making copies of archival type documents (old Wills with script writing often in poor condition so I want good resolution especially for zooming up parts on the PC. Any advice please?
Also I am baffled by the many types of batteries available but presumably Lithium-ion is the new thing. What however mAH is preferable as some l-ion offered seem a bit low (729 mAH) or does the l-ion battery have some special lasting power? My current rechargeable Ni-MH batteries in the A40 are 1700 mAH. The Compact Flash Cards vary tremendously in capacity (and this is often reflected in the buying price of the cameras where a Card is included in the deal). Again the capacity of those Cards offered with the cameras seem low for a 7m Pixel specification especially if high resolution work is anticipated.
With a move to the higher Pixels will it mean that my high resolution picture will be too big in megabytes to attach to e-mails even with the the usual Windows XP compression offered when e-mailing from File. Excuse my obvious technical ignorance but I just want to use the equipment and am too old to absorb too much detail as to how it works. Many thanks for any advice.

  TomJerry 14:54 10 Dec 2004

click here,

Personally, I hate any big camera.

  961 10:02 11 Dec 2004

click here has just posted an in depth review of the G6, but has detailed reviews of most cameras

I would buy the smaller camera. I don't think unless you are a professional you will notice the difference in performance once you get above 5m pixels. My 4m pixel Canon allows me to print small sections of pictures at A4 size with no bother

Li-Ion batteries are much better than AA re-chargeables. You can always buy a spare but will not usually run out of power

Remember when buying a flash card that it is often a good idea to have 2 rather than one mega size. They do sometimes malfunction and a spare is a good idea

You won't have a problem in e-mailing pictures. If you set the approx size of the file you want to send it will work just fine

  buckland 10:14 11 Dec 2004

Many thanks to TomJerry for guiding me to Steve's Reviews. The "Steve" Website with its Digital Dictionary, etc., is invaluable for anyone with, or thinking of buying, a digital camera. Having spent hours reading it I have virtually decided on a Canon S70 for my needs. It would appear that the "loose canon" rolling around when buying is the size of the CF Card included and capacity of battery, a camera bag and the extended Warranty/Insurance all of which are candidates in price negotiations. After quite a bit of research now I think that buying from a reputable store might well be just as competitive as dealing on the Internet which can be less personal especially with the possibility of additional postal/delivery charges tipping the price balance.

  buckland 10:34 11 Dec 2004

Thanks 961 for your advice. I have just read your message following my reply to TomJerry and it seems I have made the choice you recommend which is to go for the S70. It is a lighter piece of equipment also which is an advantage. The point you emphasise about having two good capacity CF Cards (i.e. one in and a spare) is well taken. With the euphoria that comes with owning a Digital camera and the freedom from the old costs of developing, etc., I am now a "Happy Snapper" and take far more photographs (usually at High Resolution) than before so a 526MB and a 268MB Card should keep me out of trouble. Thanks again

  TomJerry 22:37 11 Dec 2004

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  TomJerry 22:42 11 Dec 2004

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to make it quick between two shot, better to buy faster memory card, for example Sandsk Ultra II

Sandisk Compact Flash Ultra II 512MB, £49.34

Sandisk Compact Flash Ultra II 1GB, £84.35

I used ebuyer and valuemedia many many times

  TomJerry 22:45 11 Dec 2004

£329 click here

  buckland 12:50 12 Dec 2004

TomJerry, All your advice has been extremely welcome as are your recommendations which I am following up. Having checked your suggestion even the G6 looks considerably more attractive price possibility but I remember you mentioned earlier on that you were not enamoured with a big camera. The G6 still has its appeal due to the feel and grip but I shall be having a look at both models once again next week before following your suggestions.Do you have any particular views on the G6? I am persuaded towards buying the Sandisk Ultra II as it is faster but now tossing up the advantages of buying two of the 512 Mb's and paying a bit more than if I were to buy the 1Gb.If some fault were to develop then I would not have all my eggs in one basket - just a thought. I am still absorbing all "Steve's Advice" and learning fast. Many thanks again, Buckland.

  TomJerry 13:15 12 Dec 2004

canon cameras are excellent, a friend has G5. He is really into photography and used to do a lot in his uni time. He loves G5.

But I am into mini cameras, my current model is Pentax Optio S5i which is really small and produce great results. I try to do a comparision competition with my friend, but never had time to do it.

  961 13:57 12 Dec 2004

"I am into mini cameras..." the man says

He's right. I just crave for my Canon SLR which produced photos to die for with a fast lens. BUT..

I love my dinky little powershot. Why? Well...

If I go anywhere it goes in my pocket. Because of that it tends to be around when I come upon something I want a picture of.

The bigger camera tends to be taken when I am going somewhere when I think I might want to take a picture. Otherwise it sometimes gets left at home

If I go to Paris for the weekend or out in the car the chances are that the biggy gets left at home, the smaller gets slipped in a pocket

The output of both these cameras is spectacular. If you buy the right inkjet plus the expensive ink and the sooper dooper paper then I agree you might get to tell the difference between them but, in the meanwhile, the real difference is, which one are you more likely to take with you and have in your pocket when you come across the scene to die for?

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