Comparing 2 graphics cards. Which one is better

  Mr Scone 23:05 29 Feb 2004

...or is there an alternative which is better than both?

I'm having problems with my graphics card and it's quite likely that i'll have to get a newone soon. I'velooked on click here and found 2 very similar cards in their best sellers list.

They are;

DabsValue GeForceFX 5200 128MB DDR AGP RP DVI VO £40.00 inc VAT £34.05 ex VAT


DabsValue GeForce 4 MX440-8x 128MB DDR AGP RP DVI... £40.00 inc VAT £34.05 ex VAT

I'm not sure which of these cards is better as the spec sems pretty much identical. Could anyone enlightne me? Or, for around the same price, is there a better card out there. I don't want to spend much more than £40 unless there will be a considerable benefit in doing so.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


  soy 23:13 29 Feb 2004

Out of the two cards, the Geforce FX5200 wins hands down becuase it is the newer card, it supports DirectX 9.0 and will probably support the latest games better.

  Mysticnas 01:06 01 Mar 2004

They are 2 completely different cards. Only identical thing about them is price and RAM.

Get the FX5200.

Now regarding spending more than £40 but only if there's considerable differnce.... well i could say if you spend £300 you'll deffinately get much much much better card...

However, seeing as you seem to be after a budget card i'll reccomend...

click here £42 can't go wrong with that, i'd question a "Dabs Value" brand graphics card. Leadtek are one of the leading graphics card manufacturers. With this pack you'll get 3 games, DVD software player, TV-out plus all cables needed.

Seriously... at this price you can't go wrong. for a full spec listing click here it doesn't mention anything about the games bundle with this one... hmm...

  hugh-265156 01:52 01 Mar 2004

you should be fine with either card if you dont expect too much from them.both will be similar in performance even though the 5200 is newer technology.latest games will be slow though even with a low resolution and effects turned off.

if you want to play newer games at acceptable frame rates(25-30fps+) then you will have to spend more im afraid.

im using a radeon 9000(similar spec to the fx5200) and its really struggling now to get even a steady 20fps with the latest games,thats even at 1024x768 with all the effects turned for upgrading myself soon to a raddy 9800 pro.(around £200 at the moment and it should be usable for a good while yet)

as above,if playing latest games then aim to spend around £100-£150 or so at least and the cards you will get will be in a different league entirely and should be usable for a while.

leave the most expensive cards for the very foolish,they drive down the prices of good older cards for us normal folks :-)

try a radeon 9600pro or nvidia fx5600 or 5700 ultra for size.get the fastest gpu clock and memory speeds you can afford.

stay away from the se or non pro,non ultra labled models.

if your not playing games though then anything will do fine with windows and photos etc.even a £20 sparkle jobby.

  tomleady 09:39 01 Mar 2004

my fx5200 runs Vice City, Halo, other latest games.

but i got the demo of Far Cry, and it looked gorgeous, but played a bit dodgy.

so i fear that with the new games of Far Cry, Battlefield Vietnam, Hitman 3, and more, the FX5200 just wont hack it.

so spend a bit more cash to get a really hot card.

  Mr Scone 19:26 01 Mar 2004

I am definetly on a budget, but will take note of your comments Mysticnas and go for the brand name rather than Dabs. I'm upgrading from a GeForce 3 ti 500 (64mb) which runs everything I want it to well enough, so doubling the RAM should ensure I get at least as good a function (and i'm sure a good deal more).

Thanx for all the help. I'm going to order either today or tomorrow unless someone comes along and finds a better option in the mean time.

Thanks again


  fuzzyone 19:46 01 Mar 2004

Mr Scone,

if you're upgrading from a Ti500, then you will need to go for a better card than the 2 you've stated.

I have a Gainward ti450, and it is at least twice as quick as the fx5200.

  -Beb- 19:50 01 Mar 2004

If your Ti500 runs everything fine, why upgrade? Doubling the ram doesnt necessarily mean it will be faster - you should look at the clock speeds of the cards, in which case your card is faster. I would recommend a 5700 ultra if you are upgrading as they are amazing cards for the price

  Mr Scone 19:55 01 Mar 2004

Unfortunately the 5700 ultra is going to cost around £150 which I cannot afford. I'm getting a new graphics card because mine is no longer working. See click here

I may have some luck getting it replaced for free as Mesh have responded to this problem and have asked for me to send them my details, so I may not need to buy a new card. We will see. What is the cheapest card which is as good or better than my existing card? I want to spend as little as possible, but I also don't want to take a backwards step.

Thanks for the info about the cards though -Beb-, it's made me think things through again


  Gaz 25 20:01 01 Mar 2004

GeForceFX 5200 128MB DDR AGP RP DVI VO £40.00 inc VAT £34.05 ex VAT

  Mysticnas 21:30 01 Mar 2004

The "Ti" in your cards model number refers to nVidia's top of the range series of cards.

You deffinately won't find the same performace in the FX5200! True, it may support enhanced features, but it will be slower.

If Mesh offer to replace it then make sure they offer you at least the same card or even a Gf4 Ti4200 or Ti4600. Mind you GF4 Ti range is very difficult to get a hold of now.

If they offer you a new GF FX range then make sure it's at least a GF FX5700 Ultra.

There are also the ATi range of cards. I'm not too clued up on their model numbers but i believe the 9800pro is on par with FX5700???

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