Compaq Presario SR5715 power supply?

  Armchair 14:20 15 Jul 2009

Anyone know what wattage etc. the power supply fitted to this desktop PC is?

Also, it has 2GB RAM fitted, and two RAM slots. Does it have 2 x 1GB, or 1 x 2GB fitted?

  raziel08 15:50 15 Jul 2009

the easiest way to see what ram is in would be to open the case and see for yourself.

there is also a tool which you can use to see exactly what is in your pc.

  Armchair 15:56 15 Jul 2009

I do not own said PC. I have seen one on sale for a good price, and am trying to find out it's upgrade potential. If it has a good PSU and a free RAM slot, all to the good.

  T0SH 22:48 15 Jul 2009

Never a good idea to try upgrading a proprietary PC like a Compaq HP Gateway or a Dell they are almost never built using standard parts so cost is likely to be prohibitive

Cheers HC

  T0SH 22:53 15 Jul 2009

If you must some details are here

click here

Cheers HC

  Armchair 10:33 16 Jul 2009

300w PSU, eh? I could whip out my Blue Storm II 500 watter,a nd stick that in, and buy a Radeon 4770 for £80. Only question is, does it have a vacant RAM slot so I could cheaply upgrade it to 4GB?

Btw, I'm asking about this because my local Currys is closing down and they have one of these for £200, with a 17 inch monitor chucked in.

  Armchair 10:46 17 Jul 2009

so I can close this topic, and think about buying something else.

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