Is this Compaq a good buy?

  ened 16:54 22 Jun 2009

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I just want a machine that I can take out with me for my photography.

I don't know much about laptops but I do have some spare memory lying around. Do laptops need special modules or will they accept memory from a pc?

This unit is available at the moment in Morrisons (while stocks last) for £250. I went and had a look and there is a notice on the side of the box which stated that if you bought it you would need to purchase a 64bit OS seperately. However it does state that included is Vista 32bit.

I was a bit confused but if the concensus of opinion is that it is worth it this machine would suit my needs for use 'out in the field' as it were.

  OTT_Buzzard 18:47 22 Jun 2009

Laptop memory is different from PC memory.

Only go for the 64 bit OS if you *need* to use all 4GB of it's RAM capability (after upgrade). You may still run into resource issues even then.

As for suitability, for having a look at a couple of photo's when you're out and about it should be OK. You wouldn't want to do any serious edits on it or have more than a couple of pictures open.

  ened 18:54 22 Jun 2009

Thanks for your reply.

I don't understand how it can be both 32 & 64 bit.

But I do think it probably isn't powerful enough for my needs.

It has a built in cam & mike. Do you think it is capable of using those properly as it stands? Or would you end up jerky like that news guy reporting from Afghanistan?

  OTT_Buzzard 19:14 22 Jun 2009

You can either have a 32 bit operating system or you can have a 64 bit operating system installed. I think they're saying that they supply it with 32 bit as standard and if you want 64 bit then that will cost extra (although there's virtually no cost difference between them in reality).

Not sure about the cam and mic - best see if you can find a review somewhere.

  iscanut 21:53 22 Jun 2009

1Gb Ram is not very much for Vista to run smoothly. 2Gb is better !

  skidzy 22:11 22 Jun 2009

if you plan on using Photoshop cs or similar out in the field,this machine is NOT for you.

You really need to look for something Core2duo or Dual core etc with at least two GB of ram and a pretty good sized harddrive.
The graphics could well play a major part in your decision though depends what you exactly wish to do out in the field.

In my opinion,you will need to spend something like £400 upwards to get a decent machine.

Always remember,you get more for your money with a desktop.

  ened 06:10 23 Jun 2009

"if you plan on using Photoshop cs or similar out in the field,this machine is NOT for you"

I think that answers my question!

Really I knew it wasn't powerful enough and, of course, after my relatively fast desktop it will seem even slower.

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