Peter-252045 17:58 03 Mar 2003

I have recently purchased a Tablet PC from Compaq
it was faulty and I returned it to them for repair that was two weeks ago and when you email the company you get no response.
I advise anyone not to buy from this company as in my view they are useless. At the moment I am having to take legal action to get my computer back from them. Be warned

  he he :-) 18:19 03 Mar 2003

compaq have just merged with hewlett packard to make hp invent. Just thought ud like 2 know. So far I have had no probolem with compaq with returning faulty goods.

  nightporter 18:54 03 Mar 2003

Legal action after 2 weeks?

  Peter-252045 19:05 03 Mar 2003

the machine was only 3 days old and cost 1,300 how long do you think i should wait before legal action then?

  Belatucadrus 20:05 03 Mar 2003

I've just purchased a Compaq 17" CRT screen, the carrier had a problem and had to come in again twenty four hours later. Compaq customer service spotted the problem and phoned me to find out what had gone wrong and to see if they could help. In my case not only were they on the ball they were very helpful.
Their call centre number is 0845 270 4142. If e-mail fails try calling them.

  davidg_richmond 00:59 04 Mar 2003

e-mail is a notoriously bad communication medium for solving problems and complaining - they are so easily ignored. always set a preferred response deadline of a couple of days or even better, just pick up the phone. and if those who you want to spend thousands of pounds with have no phone number, take your money elsewhere.

a lot of support lines will be premium rate, and these (by the way, not as profitable as you may think) pay for the support staff. so unless the provider pushes email as their preferred option, don't expect them to be too hasty to respond to a free email. sad but true.

  Peter-252045 23:22 04 Mar 2003

thank you for all responses

davidg you are dead right

today i telephoned compaq after going through 5 different options finaly got through to a person he said sorry i have emailed the department but have had no response please call back tomorrow???

i will give it another week for them to return the machine and then have to get heavy however it seems in the computer industry alls ok until you have a problem then the attitude is go away.

  Forum Editor 23:43 04 Mar 2003

that although you feel aggrieved about the way you've been treated Compaq is one of the world's largest and most repected computer manufacturers - certainly as far as laptop machines go. We don't see many complaints about the company's machines, and it's a general rule that we don't support threads that exhort other forum users to boycott a company. It's for individual forum members to make up their own minds about who they buy from.

In this case it would be silly for me to delete the thread, you've had some helpful responses so it stays, but please don't repeat the warning.

Your decision to wait another week is a good one in my opinion, and I hope that by then all will be satisfactorily resolved.

  mikejacq 11:00 30 Apr 2003

I am currently having a problem getting compaq to honor the on-site warranty (see my posting under Compaq/PC World Problems)although i have to say that compaq tech support have been very good. I would welcome any advice on the best action to be taken to get my pc up and running again.mikejacq

  Peter-252045 17:33 30 Apr 2003

hello mikejacq
sorry to hear that you are also having problems with compaq it seems that the forum editor may be experiencing an eye opener considering his response and before he deletes the thread to save advertising custom for pcadisor mag...

did you pay by visa if you did get onto them as they are jointly responsible for any breach of contract.

with my case with compaq i have successfully been fully refunded by my credit card company because of faulty goods.

  Taran 18:02 30 Apr 2003

In many cases a device may take several weeks to repair or replace. PC World, just to give an example, used to reserve the right to a month to attempt repair of a faulty computer before replacing it. I've not checked recently but I suspect that they still run along the same lines.

Most manufacturers or resellers issue paperwork or verbalise their terms to you, often to the effect that if it takes longer than X to repair the device will be replaced outright.

Although you are understandably irritated at your expensive item failing and taking time to repair, you can't simply decide to take legal action due to a relatively short delay on the part of Compaq or based on the communication problems you are experiencing.

Give them some time and try to be patient. I'm sure that it will work out fine in the long run.

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