Company broadband (at Home)

  webbey 20:54 12 May 2004

My company have installed BT Broadband for me to connect to my companies network system. Can I use the same ASDL line to access the internet if I bought a sepearte modem?

  Tim1964 21:02 12 May 2004

Have a look through your company's IT policy and you may find they will let you use the net for personal use anyway (In your own time of course, wink, wink) as the company's PC is taking up space in your home and using your electricty and therefore benifitting them. My brother-in-law works for BP and he can use the PC for net access via their network. That way the nasty/naughties are kept out.

  webbey 21:15 12 May 2004

my company do allow us to use the internet in our own time or for the company benefit.The firewall they have really slow things down. I have telewest broadband set up on a network for my kids to use their computers for homework etc. I just needed to know if I could save £25/month by somehow networking the new BT line.

  Forum Editor 22:43 12 May 2004

that you'll be able to do this webbey. Your company will, if it is like several of my client companies, have limited your use of the connection so that all access must be through the corporate server/firewall. This means that you won't be able to use the connection for private purposes because you will be unable to authenticate to a BT ADSL Gateway.

  accord 08:06 13 May 2004

ifs it anything like my employer then you will almost certainly go through a VPN (virtual private network),

  PTB007 09:13 13 May 2004

My company provide me with broadband at home also, they given me a router which I connect my laptop to.
You did not mention your set up at home in your thread but assuming they allow you and that they've provided you with a router, then all you should need is a network card in your private pc and a cable to connect to the router.
On the other hand as the FE has pointed out some companies are tightening up on home use of the VPN, especially in light of recent Virus activities.

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