Companies selling used goods as new

  bozbiker 22:44 23 Jan 2008

Some companies like Ebuyer and PcNextday sometimes send me goods that other customers have sent back to them. And when i complain they always deny it and give me excuses like 'we opened it to check the contents' which i suppose is a good reason but they can never explain how music files got onto a MP3 player or how someones emails got onto a laptop.

I don't mind if the goods have been used provided they are sold as used and have been reduced in price.

  Forum Editor 23:30 23 Jan 2008

to show that you were sold a a 'new' laptop that had someone else's emails on the drive?

If you have I would be very interested to hear from you.

  bozbiker 00:59 24 Jan 2008

I have no evidence because the problem with the laptop did not happen to me, i heard about it from a mate. All i can tell you is the laptop had all sorts of other stuff on it that made it obvious it had been used like links in 'my recent docs' and web links in the history. It happened some time ago, i think the company was Currys.

  soupz 04:50 24 Jan 2008

But didnt you say companies like ebuyer and PCNextday sent you goods with other peoples files on?

  bozbiker 06:05 24 Jan 2008

I think i was trying to say too much in one sentence....badly! The MP3 player and laptop i talked about where not mine, they were incidents other people have told me about, apologies for not making this clear. Next time i will check my messages before posting!

  jack 09:16 24 Jan 2008

This topic has been raised so many times in the past.

Bozbiker if it happened to YOU tell us and keep anecdotal tales off the site -
An actual case to investigate is what is needed.

The problem with goods returned to supplier for what ever reason- that are in good condition and appear unused - are routinely put back to stock in mail houses.
The trouble with computers and other storage devices they have to be used to find they are not uitable/fit for purpose so expra precautions are needed -but so often do not get it.

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