kizandtango 03:04 18 May 2003

hey iv been searching SOOOO many comp companies im confused bout wots gud and wot isnt.
so can we hav as MANY posts as possible about pros and cons wiv diff companies.main ones im interested in are:


these kinda companies, u know the kind i mean. or a website link for a complete list of computer companies if there is such a thing??



  AMD 4 ever 09:03 18 May 2003

I run my own PC company and I would not have any hesitation in recommending Evesham as competitior...Perhaps have a look at evesham too...although not cheapest but, does everyone always really want cheap?!

  davidg_richmond 09:07 18 May 2003

Romulus2 - click here

DooYoo - click here

Ciao - click here

Comments, reviews, ratings, etc etc

  H-J 10:18 18 May 2003

AMD 4 ever-perhaps I'm taking this out of context but are you giving them the thumbs up or thumbs down? After all, I would want the worst king of bungling incompetants in buisness competition to me :-)


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:29 18 May 2003

How long is a piece of string?

The trouble with asking for advice is that the results depend on who replies. Generally, people that have had bad experiences are the first to reply. If you are satisfied with a company then there is little revenge incentive to put your point forward. The norm is rarely worth as much comment as when things go pants.

If you asked my advice on PCWorld I would praise them to the heavens. I spend a lot of money on their goods...however, there are those who would never darken their portals, even if they were giving away pentium 4 computers and a snog with Liz Hurley/ George Clooney, depending on which end of the ballroom you dance at.

The only advice is that if a company has been trading for a few years they must be doing something right. Customers would disappear like mist if the service was that terrible. There will be complainants but you have to take into account the number of people that use the company on a weekly/monthly basis. If 10 out 20 customers of Gandalf Computers Pty. complain then you should take notice...if 10 out 100,000 customers of Gandalf Inc. complain, then you probably will be fine using them. As the economists put is all down to quantitive, percentage relationships.

If you ever buy anything from a company make sure you keep a record of your order details and double check them, bear in mind that delays can and will happen; you are not buying off the shelf so there will be a 'waiting period', be polite when dealing with customer service; it is not their fault that your order has gone AWOL, use a credit card for added protection and understand that the majority of transactions are performed faultlessly.


  AMD 4 ever 11:45 18 May 2003

Ok let me explain. I was just offering a company that too also deserve to be considered. I may run my own business, but he hasn't expressed an interest in a Local builder, if he does then I will be happy to offer a quote...but he expressed his interest mainly in the mainstream players...therefore I offered my opinion of Evesham.

  kizandtango 17:07 18 May 2003

hey AMD if u got a webby, post the details not just looking at major companies, if theres local companies out there that can offer power pc's then let me no of as many as pos!


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