Compact Flash

  carper 12:31 24 Jul 2003

If I replace my 4Mb Compact flash in my Kodak DC215 with a 32Mb compact flash, Will the camera increase the number of shots, or will it be restricted to the number that the camera was originally programmed for

  GroupFC 13:23 24 Jul 2003

If you increase the size of the card you will be able to take and store more shots (depending on the resolution of the shot) before having to download them.

I am not familar with your camera but that is certainly how it works with mine!

I recently got a larger CF card from click here at a very reasonable price (with acknowledgements to "anchor" for pointing me in this direction!).

  Stuartli 13:30 24 Jul 2003

The actual physical size of the card is the same, just the capacity is greater.

The more memory you have the more shots you can take, providing the batteries will last long enough if you use flash, screen etc.

But you could always carry spare batteries.

  pj123 14:01 24 Jul 2003

You also have to make sure your camera will take the card size as some are restricted. 32mb shouldn't be a problem though.

  anchor 14:21 24 Jul 2003

I am not very familiar with this particular camera, but Yes, there should be no problem. You should get 8 times as many pictures on the card.

Make sure that you always use "high" Image resolution, as this camera is only 1.0 Mpixel.

Not only do Sevendayshop sell compact flash cards at good prices, (e.g. £9.45 for 32Mb), but also high power rechargeable AA NiMh batteries.

click here

  Tenner 18:02 24 Jul 2003

Apparently, the 2300's are scorchers when it comes to recharging external flash units, for example.

As for Compact Flash cards - ComputerAct!ve ran an article recently and claimed that different CF cards are accessed at different speeds and that this is why some are cheaper than others. There is no reference to such on any of my cards ( I had expected that they would be classified, like batteries ). Have found a Test Report on several cards & if anybody wants further details, I'll post to individual or on this thread.


  anchor 19:37 24 Jul 2003

I would be interested, and perhaps so may others. I suggest you post the report here, or send it to me direct.

What I have read in the past suggests that the difference between CF brands is marginal, and only amounts to less than 50 milliseconds.

  tamc98 20:23 24 Jul 2003

I have two 128mb Cf cards. One is made by Sandisk and cost around £40 and the other by Crucial for £25. The crucial card is much faster than the other and dispite the fact that they are both 128mb cards the crucial one will hold three more pictures than the Sandisk.

  Tenner 00:03 25 Jul 2003

Will post here, butnot for another 24 hours - too much work on, I'm afraid ( and I've got to find the Report in the clutter ! )


  nickhick 20:51 25 Jul 2003

Hi there.
I bought a 128Mb CF flash from from 7day shop. It came unbranded, if I remember correctly, and it did not work properly, in that I could store photos on it from my Canon Powershot A40 camera but my card reader could not access the photos via my computer. I returned the card and got my money refunded.
I went to my local Jessops and bought one of their own branded cards of same capacity which was dearer admittedly but it did work OK. I have heard that some brands of card don't always work as would be expected and so one must always expect that sometimes one may have a dud card and which needs to be replaced.

  Danoh 22:47 25 Jul 2003

I would also be interested in the report you've mentioned. I've a SanDisk 256 Mb for my Canon Powershot S40 ~ have never had enough patience to fill it up (gave up at 700+ pics and it was still only three quarters full). But would be interested if a faster CF card would reduce the shutter lag significantly.

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