Coming to your computer store soon?

  Arnie 13:17 08 May 2007

Given the faster response times, superior viewing angles, lower power usage, lower weight and cheaper production costs, this technology looks pretty impressive.

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  citadel 20:19 08 May 2007

have they been able to make them large enough for monitors as they have been at it for a few years.

  PP321 23:41 08 May 2007

OLED displays arent new, samsung put one on thier E700 mobile phone 4 years ago, if my research is correct, its the size thats the problem.

Producing large ones is problematic.

The good thing is OLED's offer things like ultra low power consumption.

They draw around 1ma running (standard mobile phone screen size) as opposted to around 100ma for a conventional LCD (with backlight) which will obviously be a feather in the cap in these days of "going green".

And they look fantastic thier brilliance and sharpness is astounding.

  Arnie 00:16 09 May 2007

Samsung have produced a 21" OLED screen. Once the ball has got rolling it's only a matter of time before larger sizes follow.

I have read that at the present time blue OLED longevity is problematical, but as in the past I seem to remember that blue LEDs were difficult to produce and now they can be seen in dirt cheap miniature key ring lights.

PP321. You mention back lighting.
One of the benefits of its not being required in OLED screens, is a perfect black level.
Note how when one looks at a standard LCD screen, the small lit fluorescent tubes which sit behind the main LCD array can sometimes throw, a low light shadowy effect at picture black levels.
This of course can be minimised by judicious use of the monitor’s brightness setting.

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