Comet.....Not so good story.

  oresome 18:08 21 Nov 2010

I purchased a PC base unit from Comet and within 24hrs the DVD tray wouldn't open via the press button. It would open OK via a progam.

I deleted my data and returned the unit to the shop explaing the fault.

The shop rang the manufacturer for a returns number which was refused until tests were carried out. The shop said they were not in a position to do any tests with a base unit, so a stalemate on the phone was quickly reached.

I was then asked to take the unit home and ring the manufacturer myself.

I politely refused, pointing out that my rights were with the retailer, not the manufacturer.

After further argument I was asked to leave the unit while they set it up and rang the manufacturer again. This I declined, stating that I'd wasted enough of my time already.

The unit was taken to the back of the store while I waited for half an hour. I was then called over to be told that there was nothing wrong with it!

I asked them to demonstrate the DVD drawer opening and it did open after several attempts. I asked them to do it again and count the attempts. It took 15 presses to open and the assistant admitted it was "difficult".

I pointed out that a reasonably minded person would conclude that it was faulty.

With this, the manufacturer was contacted again, but after various tests the assistant demanded a returns number but was again refused as the manufacturer couldn't ascertain if the fault was software or hardware related.

Eventually, the assistant was passed to a supervisor and the same procedures were gone through again. It concluded with the supervisor wanting the address of the Comet store with a view to collecting the base unit for repair.

The Comet assistant stated that a repair was unacceptable because the customer, who was stood by him, had purchased the unit less than 24 hours previous and a returns number was needed. This was declined again and the assistant, who was by now getting angry asked to transfered to someone who could give a returns number.

After being on hold for several minutes, a manager answered and was quickly forthcoming with a returns number.

This was the key to Comet exchanging the faulty unit which they then did. I had been in the store over a hour and a half to get to this point.

As I pointed out, my rights were with Comet. Any arrangements they had with the manufacturer were not of my concern and I fail to see why they could not exchange a faulty item without the manufacturers say so.

Altogether not impressed with the service, although the Comet assistant did his best under the rules he was working to.

  carver 18:26 21 Nov 2010

Glad you got sorted, did you get a cup of tea while you had to wait.

Reminds me of when I tried to return a rechargeable camping light that wouldn't switch on, sales assistant tried for about 30 seconds to get the switch to work before the light would come on then tried to tell me it appeared to be working now.

  spuds 18:36 21 Nov 2010

I have stated on a number of occasions that I would never use Comet stores again, and I haven't, due to bad experiences from that company and its representatives.

But having said that, it makes me wonder what type of relationships some of these larger companies have with their suppliers.

I had a very similar experience with Staples and Medion. On that occasion, it was a case of Medion accepting a 3 year warranty, then cancelling it "due to a monitor being second-user". Staples had the product on non-powered display for sales purposes only. In the end Staples provided a full 3 year warranty, by telling me. "If it goes wrong within 3 years, bring it back and we will replace from stock with another monitor".

  Chris-j 19:42 23 Nov 2010

Had a similar bad experience with a washer dryer from Comet. Developed a fault within days. They wanted to repair, I wanted a replacement, they said I wasn't entitled. It got to the stage where I eventually had to send them a copy of the relevant Consumer legislation to get my money back. That was over 5 years ago and they haven't had a penny of my money or that of my family since. Won't buy from them even when it's the best deal around - it just isn't worth the risk or hassle.

  Woolwell 20:20 23 Nov 2010

I had a very good experience with my local Comet a couple of years ago. Bought a base unit which played up after a fortnight. Took it back, explained the problem (extremely low windows experience index) and they exchanged it immediately.

  polish 20:23 23 Nov 2010

i dont particulary like comet but i bought a cooker hood from them a couple of years ago which when opening the box the glass was broke took it back and gave me a full refund as they had none left

  onthelimit 14:33 24 Nov 2010

This is my psot from an earlier Comet thread

'Client bought an HP PC from Comet a month ago. A week later the PSU failed. Comet replaced it on the spot with no hassle whatsoever. Better than some computer stores we hear about!

  bigray 14:46 24 Nov 2010

Had same experiance myself from comet, had to get trading standards involved before they would do anything,stay well clear of this company

  xania 13:46 06 Dec 2010

Comet have probably acquired a somewhat dubious reputation over the last couple of years and I am very wary of them (along with PC World and Currys to mention just a few). HOWEVER - IMHO the performance of the Comet support assistant in this case was a definite positive. It may well be that they should replace and then quibble with their suppliers, but that particular assistant seems to have done his damnest to get a solution despite his own company's and the supplier's customer support policies.

Unfortunately oresome has not mentioned the manufacturer name - that manufacturer deserves even more stick that Curry on this occasion.

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