comet restocking charge?

  frankie 23:35 19 Nov 2009

was in local one tonight,noticed comet had notice on wall stating charges is this normal these days,as new one on me,returns unopened charge,opened charge,then another after 14 days, etc,seemed to be from 10% up to 99-00,from what i read seemed to go against sale of goods act,from what i thought i knew,going to go back into store tomorrow,to reread,tonight put me off buying a panasonic g1 camera £400.

  Awshum 08:34 20 Nov 2009

And I'm sure it puts others off too.

Jessops is £489 for the camera but use code AUTUMN20 to save £20 and then claim £30 cash back from Panasonic. Makes a total of £439.

click here

  Woolwell 12:43 20 Nov 2009

I don't think it is unreasonable. These are their terms click here
They have to try to resell the product and they are not a charity. I was talking to a Comet person a few weeks ago and I was told it is not unusual for people to "Buy" a camera/camcorder and then try to return it a week or so later as not wanting it when in fact they have "borrowed" it for a wedding, etc.

  oresome 13:49 20 Nov 2009

Under the SOGA a consumer has no right of a refund if they've simply changed their mind, so the Comet offer is in addittion to statutory rights.

Note that many items at Argos are not covered by their 16 day return doubt brought on through abuse of the policy by some customers.

  BT 17:17 20 Nov 2009

This 'Borrowing' is rife.

It happens a lot in clothing stores like M&S. Its well known that someone will 'Buy' a dress for example and return it a week later, having worn it for an occasion, and claim a refund. What they don't realise is that M&S in particular won't resell that garment it will be destroyed. I once saw a Documentary about M&S's Bluewater store I think it was, and there were a couple of assistants behind the scenes tearing up returned garments.

Re the Camcorder thing, QVC has this problem with their 30 day return policy, as unlike Argos they don't preclude any item.

  karmgord 20:03 20 Nov 2009

Buy from their web site as under distance selling regs they would have to refund FULLY if returned before 14 days of reciept of goods.
Exceptions such as software apply,
NOTE goods DO NOT have to be returned in origonal packaging BUT must be UNUSED!

  Woolwell 21:12 20 Nov 2009

karmgord - read their terms in my previous link.

  interzone55 21:27 20 Nov 2009

Look at it this way:

Would you buy an expensive product from a store for full price if the box has been opened?

Most people wouldn't, so the store have to sell the product at reduced cost, the restocking fee helps to offset the money they lose by reducing the price of the opened product...

  the hick 09:18 22 Nov 2009

Does anyone know if taking goods back because of a 'change of mind' is just a British habit? I was told by some French folks that M&S in Paris was popular - now closed I think - because they would change clothes, and French stores do not.

  Condom 02:08 24 Nov 2009

I found this intersting as I was in Comet looking for a new iron last week. (yes I do the ironing in this house) and found the stock on display not very exiting. When I asked why I was told that they normally used returned items for display and hadn't had so many returned recently.

So be careful if you are asked to take a display model because "it is the last we have of this model" as it might very well be more than just a display model.

  Boghound 08:06 25 Nov 2009

@ the hick

Most French stores operate a return policy without any agro...for cash or goods but some supermarkets will ask you to leave the purchase for repair if faulty even if you have had it just for a day!!! HyperU being one!

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