comet pricing?

  martd77 15:36 20 Jan 2008

hi i purchased a creative zen 4gb mp4 player two weeks ago which is faulty,took it back today only to be told its an end of line item and none in stock so i could choose something else,nothing wrong with that,i picked a sony 2gb model at "49.99" i took it to the counter to be told they couldnt sell it to me for that price cos the sale has ended and id have to pay "59.99",the manager came and explained that it was incorrectly priced and they dont have to sell the product at the advertised price
Are they correct,thought if its there in black and white thats the price
No i didnt buy it got a refund instead

  jack 15:50 20 Jan 2008

They can say what they like
and you do not have to buy either
No compulsion either way

It is incredible how complex pricing can be in some stores
Some time ago in the one we love to hate I spotted two separate displays of the same flash drive a
tenner difference.
Trouble is I guess as stock flows through these places and the till is controlled from a central computer someplace- the low price item was from the last shipment the higher price is from the new shipment[ or dare I say vice versa] - different barcode- and the staff on the floor have no idea - they just zapit and see- and that is what you could do - take it to the till and ask them to zap it
If you don't like it put it back and walk away.

  spuds 16:08 20 Jan 2008

You and the manager both did the right thing, in the long run perhaps. He wasn't prepared (even though he/she could have done so, under their discretion) to offer you the replacement item at the previous price. You took a refund, which you can now spend elsewhere.

I wonder what would have happened, if you had taken out replacement insurance cover?.

  tillybaby 16:32 20 Jan 2008

If I remember correctly I'm sure the stores used to have to sell it at the price advertised but this has long since ceased.

  Ranger 17:01 20 Jan 2008


i'ts never been the case that a store had to sell something at the advertised price (if they were delibirately misleading customers then they could be in trouble though) and especially in the case where it was obviously a genuine error, in saying that when I worked in retail management and there was errors like this made, for customer goodwill I would normally sell it to the customer at the price stickered, there were exception though, some that come to mind were where customers had changed the stickers over from something cheaper (it was usually quite easy to spot this) or where the difference was by a ridiculous amount that any one in their right mind would know that the item wouldn't be that price

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:07 20 Jan 2008

The price on a ticket is only an invitation to buy and not a contract. The price is an indication of the final amount which will be agreed on at the point of sale and as such, the shop does not have to sell at the ticketed price. You can imagine what would happen if the ticket price had to be accepted by law, I would be going to the Ferrari showrooms and slapping on a £200 sales ticket whilst no one was looking.


  martd77 17:14 20 Jan 2008

well i am surprised that quite clearly the product is labelled at 49.99 and they cant sell it because that was the "sale price" and id have to pay 59.99
Ranger i personally feel it was misleading,its like enticing a customer to buy something then saying its a mistake,the price is different,this actually is typical of comet and one of the reasons why i do not shop there anymore,the staff have no idea,i was told the sony mp3 player doesnt have a photo viewer yet it does and i knew that because id bought one of these last year for my wife,i used to shop at comet for all my electrical stuff but over the last 5 years their knowledge and service is poor in the extreme,i know thats getting away from my original post but it makes me laugh in these shops when customers are given misleading information.
Ill be going in tomorrow and if that price is still on that product ill want to know why.

  oresome 12:39 21 Jan 2008

Comet and perhaps many other stores claim to always sell at the lowest prices and to this end monitor their competitors prices on a daily basis and change their own.

One of the tasks of the store staff is to down load the latest price tabulation from head office and go round the store and update price tickets on all the display products.

A time consuming and unpopular task and as you've found out, it doesn't always get done, especially on the small items.

  lofty29 15:05 21 Jan 2008

Sale of goods act pricing etc is a minefield, I know that the price on the item is only an invitation to buy, and not a contractual price, but is there not a contradiction, as I understand it, unless the rules have changed, it is illegal to put a higher price ticket over a lower price one on the shop floor, and the only way in which it can be done is for the item to be taken back to the stockroom, also have supermarkets not been done for having a different price on the shelves to that which comes up on the tills. Sound like the entire system was thought up by a crowd of monkeys let loos on a gigantic computer system. Still on second thoughts it was devised by government departments??????

  project 90 23:41 21 Jan 2008

i remeber goin to pc world to buy a game 1 time me and my friend picked up the same game and when we go to the check out mine was like £5 cheaper i was laffing all the way home and winding him up.

  martd77 09:40 22 Jan 2008

well ive been back this morning and its still £49.99,id say thats misleading!
Bought the product elsewhere and cheaper,comet lost out again

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