Comet extended warranty problem

  Chris Webster 21:45 19 Apr 2007

Please see this thread for my original problem click here

I phoned Comet about my problem as my extended warranty is still valid until September 24th. I was asked for an additional payment of £24.99 in case the problem turned out to be software related and I was told it would be refunded if it turned out to be a hardware fault, which I was telling them it was. After spending over 2 hours on the phone with a young girl reading off a screen and going through various diagnostic checks (one which included deleting some registry keys, good job I made a restore point as I needed to use it) which failed to solve anything (most of which I had already done myself anyway) I was told there was one more thing to try before their insurers would even consider fitting a new dvd/cd-rw drive and that was to completely reinstall Windows. I said I wasn’t prepared to do this at the present as I was 99.99% sure it was the drive at fault. She said to phone back when I was ready for the reinstall as they had to take me through it.

Next day I borrowed my dads external usb cd burner and plugged it into my laptop, I then ‘disabled’ my laptops dvd/cd-rw drive. I tried burning a disc and everything worked as it should using the exact same software that Comet was telling me was at fault. I did various checks myself using various files to different discs and then adding more to an exciting disc and again everything was as it should be.

I phoned Comet up again today (18th April) to tell them what I had done and that everything worked through an external usb cd burner and the girl agreed it was a hardware fault and would put me through to someone else to book it in for repair. When I was put through the lad said I still had to reinstall Windows before their insurers would even consider a repair. I told him everything I had done and he said his hands were tied, their insurers insist on a complete Windows reinstall and they have to talk me through it. I said to him “so your extended warranty/insurance isn’t worth the paper it’s written on then”, the worrying thing is that he agreed with me. It looks like I am still £24.99 out of pocket plus the cost of the extended warranty and all the time on the phone and I’ve still got a faulty drive.

Where do I go from here?

Now to my question,

If you’ve sat and read all of this then thank you.

Thanks, Chris.

  wee eddie 10:16 20 Apr 2007

see what it says

  spuds 10:41 20 Apr 2007

I no longer deal with Comet through a very bad customer service experience. Through that experience, my attitude is one of "Their loss not mine" there's plenty of other similar companies that would welcome my support and money, and they do now.Shame really, Comet use to be a superb company when Kingfisher Group owned them, and I used the old Comet on a regular basis then.

Suggest you try Consumer Direct click here for more advice

  pj123 18:03 20 Apr 2007

I never, ever buy an extended warranty from anyone.

You can get good cover cheaper by going to the Insurer Direct.

Comet use Domestic and General. I have 3 items covered by Dom and Gen, all of which are cheaper than the store I bought the equipment from.

I guess the stores get a commission from D&G and so their prices reflect that.

  Chris Webster 21:06 20 Apr 2007

Thank you for the link, I'll be giving them a call.

Thanks, Chris.

  Chris Webster 21:09 20 Apr 2007

Thank you for the info, I'll bear that in mind next time I'm offered one.

Thanks, Chris.

  Chris Webster 23:37 24 Apr 2007

My drive failed completely over the weekend, Comet are picking my laptop up on Thursday for a new drive to be fitted.

Cheers, Chris.

  wee eddie 09:19 25 Apr 2007

but right by the bucketful.

PCW is not alone in this. The Retail market is so competitive that profits on "White Goods" and PCs are tiny.

The commission on such a "Feel Good" Policy may exceed the profit on the item sold by many times. You can't really blame the Company for trying to maximise their profit.

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