comedy voices for garmin

  davemc1640 00:05 14 Dec 2007

i have a garmin nuvi 300 sat nav and i want to get some comedy voices for it but all the ones i've found so far are only for tomtom would any one know where i can get some

  €dstowe 07:55 14 Dec 2007

????? Why aren't you satisfied with the device having "any" voice that might (or might not) be telling you where to go?

  spuds 11:27 14 Dec 2007

On my Naviman F20, I find "Linda's" voice very soothing. At times though, she can throw a tantrum, which I suppose can be amusing or a comedy!.

  spuds 12:45 14 Dec 2007

PS- being told to do a 'U' turn because you have missed the entrance, can be very comical, especially on a motorway :O(

  wiz-king 16:30 14 Dec 2007

Charles Penrose? seeing some of the mis-directions.

  Dipso 17:06 14 Dec 2007

These may be of interest click here and click here

  BT 07:32 15 Dec 2007

"On my Naviman F20, I find "Linda's" voice very soothing. At times though, she can throw a tantrum, which I suppose can be amusing or a comedy!."

I have an F20 and the female with 'attitude' reminds me of Sybil Fawlty. so is now known as Sybil in our car!!

  jamesgill 13:12 15 Feb 2008

Comedy and Celeb voices are available for all Garmin Nuvi models, these can be found at click here.

  richdavies99 06:35 09 Apr 2009

There's a whole page of voice resources specifically for Garmin at My Sat Nav Info click here

Voices available include Kitt from KnightRider, Dad's Army's Captain Mainwaring, Homer Simpson, Micheal Jackson etc, plus links to other garmin voice sites.

  Picklefactory 08:15 09 Apr 2009

Can't help with Garmin I'm afraid, but I have all the comedy voices for my TomTom, but be warned, the novelty wears off very quickly. It doesn't take long, at least not for me anyway, until they cease to be funny and just become annoying.

Yoda was my favourite though, he survived longest. Must have been the force :o)

  jack 08:45 09 Apr 2009

That one can do with out.
A Beemer - on the motorway- in the fast lane
slowed to a crawl whilst the female driver scrutinized the Sat Nav.
With the wrong driver they can be worse than a phone
I opine that all gadgetry from ' Radio/players to phones and now sat nav- are a distraction from the job at hand - Driving safely.
All you have to do- is home work before you set off
Plainly if you have a computer- the route can be sorted in a trice.

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