combination microwaves.

  joe95 15:38 06 Dec 2009

Hello everyone
we are thinking of buying one of these instead of heating up a big oven for just a couple of roasted spuds etc. etc.
are they any good if they sre point us in the right direction

  rdave13 15:59 06 Dec 2009

Combination microwave/fan ovens are superb. The time to cook poultry/beef/pork etc. are cut down enormously and meat left with a crispy skin.
Suggest you go and see one of these ovens at a retail outlet so that you can see the size.
My suggestion is a Toshiba make if available. Had one for sixteen years before it died. Have a Sharp model now but the turntable is knackered after 18 months use.

  wee eddie 16:23 06 Dec 2009

Very useful, but the Oven temps are, in my opinion, a trifle optimistic.

I rarely use the combined features, either the Oven or the Micro. Haven't tried the Grill yet.

  ened 07:52 07 Dec 2009

We have had a Panasonic for twelve months and in that time it has needed TWO new doors.

As wee eddie says the temperatures are optimistic and you will find the optimum timings purely by trial & error.

Because the heat only comes from above it is easy to burn the top of food and, again, you need to experiment to learn when to cover food over or not.

The only reason we have one is because we have no room for a full sized oven. If I had a proper oven I would definitely not use the combi!

  onionskin 08:45 07 Dec 2009

Make sure it's got big, wide air vents, and keep them clean. Also, wear a lead apron to shield yourself from death rays.

  jja244 09:49 07 Dec 2009

I find them very good but get one with a stainless steel interior. Some makes have a painted interior
which I find strips off after repeated use.

  jack 10:48 07 Dec 2009

After my wife passed away and replaced it with a large Panasonic.
Experimentation is the name of the game of course.
Now I do full roasts , cakes, bread, Jam,
if it needs cooking it can cope - in Micro or oven or grill or any combination.
As stated the time -thus emergy- consumption- reduction is considerable.
ened - my panasonic needed a new door within months- it so happeded that in transit to and fro it collected a dent- JL/Panasonic replaced the whole machine- So now I have a spare.

  Jollyjohn 19:02 07 Dec 2009

I can thoroughly recomend them. We have a Panasonic, about 5 year old now. The grill is great as you dont have to stand and supervise it. A bit of experimentation helps - beware if you CANCEL any time or choices it does default to microwave - 2 rock hard croissants instead of gently heated!

  GaT7 19:20 07 Dec 2009

"beware if you CANCEL any time or choices it does default to microwave"

For the same reason, make sure never to run the microwave with a metallic item within. One has to keep his/her wits about them when working with one! G

  ened 07:14 08 Dec 2009

"One has to keep his/her wits about them when working with one! G"

Amen to that!

There is a pyrex tray like all microwaves have and a metal tray for use when using the 'oven'.

I once ran the microwave for ten minutes with the metal tray in.

No harm appeared to be done on that occasion however.

  jack 09:09 08 Dec 2009

Don't ,is the advice.
Yet as - ended - pointed out these modern combination machines seem to be able to in some way.

This Panasonic model has the legend Inverter' on the door- which means?- and many of the recipes in the handbook stipulate for the machine to be set up using the metal tray- with turbo oven/grill/ and simmer microwave.
Perhaps simmer is a low level out put from the the device- or 'Inverter' is another form of microwave generator

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