Colour laser printer advice please

  speedbird_zero1 21:53 04 Apr 2005

I am sick to death of the heads clogging and blocking on my inkjet printer, usually at the most important time, when the best paper is installed etc. regardless what printer i use, Lexmark, epson,and so on. so i am looking to get a laser printer. But i do not know what one. I do not do a great deal of printing i just want it right every time i print. Any advise as to running costs of various machines would be appreciated, i am not in an office enviroment just a regular home user and i know absolutely nothing about laser printers except there is one in work and that seems to do ok (but it is only black)thank you. Mike

  LastChip 22:44 04 Apr 2005

Colour Laser Printers that are affordable for home use, will not come close to the quality of a decent Inkjet Printer, for printing photographs for example (if this is what you had in mind).

They produce results that at best could be described as saturated colour, similar I suppose to early Technicolor films.

If you simply want one for leaflets and that type of thing, then it may well be suitable.

The other aspect that you need to be aware of, is the cost of replacement toner cartridges. You could buy several good quality inkjet printers and still have some change in your pocket, compared to a set of cartridges.

As you admit to knowing little about colour laser printers, I would respectfully suggest you do some research before committing yourself.

  pauldonovan 10:30 05 Apr 2005

...are you using 'generic' inks in inkjets? I've had 3 inkjets (all Hp) and the only issue I had was when I tried to replace the ink with 'cheapo' ink....I use manufacturers all the time now.

  speedbird_zero1 18:43 05 Apr 2005

Hmmm maybe you have a point, before i spend a load on a newie i will try to use OEM ink and see if the problem persists. It will the cheapest route as well so double whammy for eh?.
Thanks to both of you

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