Colour laser printer

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:14 09 Jan 2005

As colour laser printers are not my area of expertise I need the forum hive mind to sort one out. The printer is for an estate agent's office and needs to be -

a) excellent photo reproduction (house buyers can be so fussy).

b) easy to use.

c) price is not a concern but around £500 should do.

d) toner costs are also of little concern but one that is 'economical' with excellent quality would be nice.

Naturally as it is laser I expect text to be excellent, so quality of photographic printing is paramount. There seems to be shed loads of colour lasers about and I cannot be bothered to read all the reviews but canon looks good so if anyone has any personal recommendations it will save me a lot of time.


  wags 13:07 10 Jan 2005

GANDALF <|:-)>, I am a Chartered Surveyor, and we sell/let commercial and industrial property, so we have to produce 100's of colour details.I undertook alot of research into the best colour laser for the job and settled on OKI.

I bought an OKI C5100 about 12 mths ago, which is VERY fast, with very good photographic output. I think it has been replaced now by the 5400.

I bought mine from: click here

I hope that helps.

  wags 13:12 10 Jan 2005

Sorry, the 5100 has been replaced by the 5200. I should have also added that it is a network printer and dead easy to install.

  pj123 13:13 10 Jan 2005

Quite a few within your price range here:

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:45 10 Jan 2005

Looks like the OKI then. Many thanks.


  Harrier man 11:50 17 May 2005

Did Gandalf get the OKI? Did it live up to expectations?

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