Code red attack who do you report it to

  steven_frost 09:32 17 May 2003

I've just got off the phone to bt BB support dept to ask the who do i report an IP attack. the intresting thing about this attack is it's coming from their servers yet their support dept refused to hear of it saying that they dont support anything even email and would not be taken it any futher.

So the question is who do i report it to as it seems my ISP refuse to do anything about it seem like the head in sand is the best way and hope it goes away has any one else notices what this happening.

If anone is intrested i've got the log with the ip address and would be glad to supply it

  Forum Editor 09:53 17 May 2003

you want to report an IP "attack" what do you mean exactly?

If you're saying that your firewall has reported an external attempt to access your machine I'm not surprised that BT aren't interested. It happens thousands of times a day, and there's nothing they can do about it. The fact that the "attack" appears to come via the BT servers isn't in itself surprising either.

My advice is that unless you have suffered as a result of this incident you should forget it. It's a common occurrence, and part of Internet life.

  Elrond 10:25 17 May 2003

steven_frost, agree with FE. Since I installed my firewall i've had 17477 intrusion attempts, 15244 of which have been high rated. It happens, just let your firewall get on with blockng them

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:35 17 May 2003

Generally any 'intrusion' attack is merely n internet handshake. Every few seconds the servers and routers are checking connections to see if they are live. They have to do this to ensure that information that you request is delivered to your IP address and not to someone elses'. EVERY firewall interperets these as attacks as the server appear to be trying to access your computer. Some very cynical people ;-))) could say that this is to the advantage of the firewall owners as it 'encourages' people to upgrade to and cough up for the pro-version.

Anyhow, as has been said ad inf., hackers are not interested in home computers. Like mine, they contain triple dull rubbish and even the interesting bits (bank, CC. details) can be harvested much easier in other ways. Ignore the 'warning' and surf merrily.


  VoG™ 10:44 17 May 2003

When total boredom sets in I have a look at my McAfee event log. I reckon about 10% of the "events" appear to originate from my ISP (Blueyonder). I don't think this is unusual and if you are protected, why worry. Life is too short.

But if you want some reassurance, test your firewall click here

  steven_frost 10:45 17 May 2003

i guess i am being over worried about this but all the info i have found out about this it seems harmless to pc user but not for the main web servers as it will hit them the most.

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