Coal Tar Soap

  morddwyd 10:23 20 Mar 2011

Anyone know a source of proper coal tar soap?

I don't mean the brands now on sale in the EU, which are tea tree oil and coal tar fragrance (real coal tar soap now banned in the EU) but the stuff we used to be able to get.

  Forum Editor 10:58 20 Mar 2011

is no longer manufactured anywhere, and for good reason - coal tar contains cancer-causing compounds.

  john bunyan 11:05 20 Mar 2011

I think you were refering to Wrights Coal Tar soap, which I remember washing with during WW2.
click here

As the advert and FE says it no longer contains coal tar!
If you want a bactericide you can buy Hibiscrub as used in hospitals.

  morddwyd 11:56 20 Mar 2011

"coal tar contains cancer-causing compounds."

I'm well aware of that, so does tobacco.

Coal Tar soap used throughout the world, including three generations of my own family, for over a hundred years with no proven widespread and universal effects. That's not to say there aren't any.

Having used it with no problem for sixty odd years I just thought I would try to use it for the few remaining ones I have left.

"no longer manufactured anywhere, "

It's still manufactured in the US, unfortunately the source I have found does not ship to Europe.

john bunyan - thanks for response. Plenty of bactericides available of course, including the current Wright's Coal Tar, and such things as Cuticura.

However, not really what I was looking for.

  961 12:05 20 Mar 2011

As far as I understand it, coal tar extract is still available in certain medicinal products and can be bought over the counter or obtained on prescription

click here

It is true that it is banned in the EU from use in cosmetics which is rather different

However I'm not surprised that the original Wrights Coal Tar soap has disappeared because I still remember the full frontal assault on my eyes when it was administered by my mother after I arrived home in less than sparkling condition

  carver 12:10 20 Mar 2011

Is this the stuff you are after click here

  carver 12:11 20 Mar 2011

Or even this click here

  Forum Editor 12:21 20 Mar 2011

it doesn't mean it's OK for use today. Everyone used Wrights Coal tar soap in the past and thought nothing of it, because nobody knew it might be harmful.

Now we do know, and Europe has banned the use of coal tar in non-prescription products. What many people don't know is that coal tar is a photosensitiser - after using coal tar soap your skin will be far more sensitive to burning when exposed to sunlight and psoriasis, for instance, can actually be made worse as a result. In the past this wasn't known - people would not have made the connection when their skin condition worsened in summertime.

American manufacturers will not ship to England because it's banned here. It's also banned in America as an ingredient in cosmetics.

These things are never clear-cut, and I'm sure there's plenty of research that shows no measurable cancer-causing connection where a soap is concerned. The fact remains - it's banned in Europe for non-prescription sales, and I assume there must have been a reason for that.

  tullie 12:21 20 Mar 2011

What are the supposed benefits of this soap over others?

  Forum Editor 12:25 20 Mar 2011

Despite indications to the contrary, those products aren't the real thing - they do not contain coal tar.

Note the words in the product description:-

"Contains an active ingredient with natural antiseptic properties. Traditional Coal Tar Fragrance."

  SparkyJack 12:34 20 Mar 2011

Are you old enough remember those?
It was brought home to be recently when walking along a road and a roof repair gang were at work on a flat roof with their gas fired boiler bubbling away in the drive- Had a chat with the operator - really to make the most of those nostalgic fumes- and he was old enough to recall, as I, it was quite a thing in our childhood days to be chewing a piece of fresh tar 'because it does you good' we were informed.
Well I'm still here at well into my eighth decade and so is the tar man

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