CNM Touchpad 7 - forgotten password...........

  mad as a hatter 13:52 11 Feb 2015

Hi folks

I have a CNM Touchpad 7 8GB storage which I bought about 4 years ago. I have forgotten the password which means I cannot get past the start screen. I have tried pushing the reset button - does nothing. also tried calling CNM helpline - 0844 997 9979 - dead line. Ditto [email protected]

Does the company still exist? I could not find it at all.......I have checked various forums with reset methods (push volume up and power at same time etc) - nothing works.

Can anybody help? A phone number for CNM would be great - or a reboot method that works - or a way to take it apart and disconnect the battery/wipe the memory? Best regards!

  xania 10:48 12 Feb 2015

Might be worth looking at this:

click here

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