Clear Perspex Cases.

  Sapins 10:44 01 Nov 2004

I came across a "Demo" one of these and I must have one!

Does anyone have a similar case and can tell me if the sound level is more noticeable, as the Ad's would say can I "see" more sound than with a metal case?

Also do they usually come with the cages for hard and floppy drives?

I am going to buy a "Barebones" upgrade when I have finished checking the various ones available.

Any comments/info on these cases will be appreciated.



  bathjobby 11:50 01 Nov 2004

Don't have any experience of these but just came across one whilst looking for something else at AKASA, thought you may want to take a look before you purchase. Just search on the name and you'll find it.

  Sapins 11:56 01 Nov 2004

Hi bathjobby, I have been looking at AKASA, they have some cases similar to the one I saw locally.
Thanks for your help,



  david.h 15:58 01 Nov 2004

They tend to get poor write ups re the heat problem the plastic insulates the heat apparently, suggest big fans if getting one

  Sapins 16:10 01 Nov 2004

Hi david.h, thanks for that info, I will check out the demo one I saw and see if it is getting hot after being on display all day in the shop.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:18 01 Nov 2004

One thing concerns me about perspex cases. Perspex is very good at accumulating static. How well are they protected against this problem?

I worked with some perspex cases for a while...

They have 2 option's...

DIY (Build them Your self come in kit form)



The latter is easier due to the fact that it saves a lot of time.

To do the DIY you need to wear glove's use glue and screw's and it can be fiddly...

The cases them selves i think that the temperatures are slightly higher, but the good thing is that you can get the cases in a different tint (Blue, green, clear and many other's...)

Static is only a problem when installing the hardware after it is installed it tends to be insulated i think!

Companies to look at though are beantech and there are many other's but that is who's cases i have dealth with.

  Forum Editor 18:19 01 Nov 2004

than seeing the inner workings of a computer through a perspex case - especially when the inside surfaces have acquired a good coating of dust, drawn there by the static charge that such cases will no doubt accumulate.

A computer is a tool after all - there to be used rather than made into a decor talking point.............or am I just being an old stick-in-the-mud?

  oresome 18:52 01 Nov 2004

Try looking at a Dyson vacuum cleaner after it's been used!

  georgemac 19:10 01 Nov 2004

I'm with you but I would say "old stick in the mud" must describe us pretty well.

There seems to be a huge market in case modding and led's and plastic all over the place.

As for lugging you pc to a LAN party? Where do all the screens come from?

sapins good luck, hope you get one your are happy with, next will be the fans & psu's with led's.

  Sapins 19:52 01 Nov 2004

As usual lot's of welcome advice, I'm old but I'm not stuck in any mud;-) I am definitely going for one of these cases and I've already found info on fans, cables, and psu's all with a wide choice of colours. I have also found an article on assembling a case from start to finish, doesn't look too complicated but I think a pre-assembled one will be better.

I can think of lot's of thing's less attractive than a see through case, Beige Box, Printer, Scanner, Beige Speakers, holders for out of date magazines, last months?,(sorry about that)Beige Monitor, I'm going to paint that one of these day's :-). As for just being a tool, Televisions are only for watching a picture on, Hi Fi's only for listening to music, I won't go on.

At least with a perspex case you can see if it needs the Dyson!

I'll have a longer look at beantech later, the home page has me drooling, technical term used by modders! getting the jargon now as well. so thanks for all the help and advice, I wouldn't expect less from this forum.



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