Clear Adverts

  T.M.J.C. 08:03 28 Feb 2003

When H.W. is decribed as having a "6 Channel sound card built in" and it then transpires that its really software simulated is that not a bit misleading? Remember you do carry their adverts.
Many thanks for you assistance in this matter Tiger

  powerless 09:23 28 Feb 2003

If i was looking at an advert that to me would indicate a sound card that is physically capable of 6 channel sound.

But because it is an advert its always best to check.

I'm guessing there's a story to this?

  DieSse 09:46 28 Feb 2003

Are you entirely sure ofyour facts here? - I know a large number of motherboards these days have 6 channel hardware on them - sure it's not a card, but then it does say "built-in". Why do you think it's software simulated?

  T.M.J.C. 08:04 05 Mar 2003

Very many thanks for all comments but when

You ring the company and they offer to sell you a "base box which will split up the channels"

and you write and they reply to use "Advanced Sound Manager under All programmes in Control Panel by adjusting the'Speaker Configuration' option"

you do begin to wonder about how Clear the Advert was?!

TMJC/ Tiger

  €dstow 08:33 05 Mar 2003

Almost a 6 channel reply!

Nice ;-)

  leo49 09:40 05 Mar 2003

PCA boasts 'plain English', so who/what/where/when/ are you talking about?

  €dstow 10:41 05 Mar 2003

If you're referring to my comment, it's beacuse there are four identical responses by T.M.J.C. above.


  leo49 11:03 05 Mar 2003

Come on €dstow - I may be thick but not that dense! even I spotted that little witticism. ;o)

I'm referring to the original post - unless he gives details of exactly what he's referring to how can he expect any informed comment or advice?


  €dstow 11:47 05 Mar 2003

Sorry Leo, not touchy, just didn't understand your comment and as it appeared just below mine, I thought you/I had missed something.


  Forum Editor 20:29 10 Mar 2003

to ask if I have any views on this, but like the others I'm confused as to exactly what it is that you're talking about.

If you would like to post some details about what you bought, from whom, and what the problem is perhaps we can help. At the moment I'm completely in the dark.

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