cleaning Canon print heads

  INKYPIM 23:32 26 Jul 2010

My Canon MP 980 started producing streaky prints after 15 months of fairly light use. I took the print head out and placed it in a ceramic dish with approximately 3mm of methylated spirits and put a couple of drops of meths on each ink "pad" . The muck that came out was unbeleivable . I repeated the process and then left the head to dry for 30 minutes.
When I put the cartridges back in (I wrapped them in cling film while they were out) The printer worked as good as new. I am not convinced that the ink jet cleaning process that the printer carries out works properly.

  jack 08:48 27 Jul 2010

Is to simply pump ink through.
It will waste a lot of ink and will not of course necessarily clear a really blocked jet.
Canon ink jets[ and others except Epson] a properly called 'Thermal Ink Jets'
This is because each tiny jet tube[64 or more per colour]has a heater- that vaourizes a portion of ink to pressurize the tube to expel a droplet.
In time - the heater can fail- leaving a white spot of paper .
'Cleaning' will not resolve that problem.
But your method will clear dried out ink - as been mentioned many times in the past.
You used 'Meth' others have used Vodka - each to his own I guess ;-}

  wee eddie 08:55 27 Jul 2010

Thanks. I may try your method next time I need to clean the heads.

I used to use my printer very lightly, no Photos and only one or two letters a month, and it took a fortune in Ink to to get the Heads working properly again. Luckily I am using Choice's Inks so it was not so bad.

  john bunyan 10:15 27 Jul 2010

I have heard that warm water works too (Overnight soak)

  INKYPIM 11:21 27 Jul 2010

I would imagine it would be difficult to keep the water warm and meths smells much better and dries easier

  wee eddie 12:04 27 Jul 2010

Surgical Spirit might be better than Meths

  TopCat® 14:02 27 Jul 2010

The recommended ink dissolver is Isopropyl Alcohol BP which is quite cheap for 500ml and does a fine job. It's highly flammable so follow the instructions regarding its use and storage. TC.

  jack 17:05 27 Jul 2010

I can never remember the 'Isopropyl'- hence my recommendation of Vodka - pretty close ;-}

  jack 17:08 27 Jul 2010

Print a page frequently- any page of mixed tect and colour. or
If an infrequent user
A zip lock bag with a damp tissue of any of the above- or a moist wipe tissue- cart and tissue in the bag and place in the Fridge door.

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