CityLink have let me down

  ened 08:54 24 Nov 2007

With their intransigence.

I needed some software before this weekend.

I ordered it on Wednesday and paid extra for next day delivery.

I was probably too late for Thursday and it was scheduled for delivery yesterday.

I called the depot at 15:45 (because they always deliver here around lunchtime) and was told it was still coming.

I called again at 17:30 to be told the driver had had a problem but they had sent a second van out and they would not return to the depot until attempting delivery of everything on the van. I asked if it failed could it please be delivered on Saturday. The response was that it was not an issue because: “ IT WOULD BE DELIVERED TONIGHT”

We waited until after seven last night.

This morning when I looked at the tracking it had been checked back into the warehouse at 18:10. This is at least an hour and a half away from here.

I called at eight this morning to be told the van had left at seven-fifteen (without my package) and that was that.

I have always received good service from CityLink but they have badly let me down on this occasion. The reason appearing to be that there is no deviation from the system even when circumstances change.

  €dstowe 09:16 24 Nov 2007

They are not unique in providing a bad service. A quick look at these columns will show that no courier company is exempt from bad service.

I was sent a small package, containing one sheet of paper and a (substantial) cheque, from Canada via FedEx Express (next day) delivery. It was sent on 15th November, received yesterday (23rd). When I enquired where it was I was told it was being held for Customs examination. The envelope showed no sign of any Customs interference so I can only assume it was laxity of the part of FedEx that had caused the delay. These courier firms charge an arm and a leg to carry packages I expect better than that.

  Forum Editor 09:26 24 Nov 2007

and in fairness to CityLink, they seem to be no worse than the others.

There's nothing more frustrating than waiting for something that doesn't arrive, especially when you've been told it will come, and I sympathise.

That said, running a fleet of delivery vehicles that takes small packages to both commercial and domestic premises is fraught with problems. Traffic conditions often delay drivers, and there are the usual issues of mechanical breakdowns, etc. It's not an easy business to run, but CityLink made an error here if they told you that a package would be delivered that evening, and broke the promise.

Unfortunately there's not much you can do about it, CityLink doesn't work for you, they work for your retailer, and it's the retailer who makes the complaint, if any complaint is to be made. The best you can do is tell the retailer about it.

  ened 12:18 24 Nov 2007

I fully appreciate what you are saying and I do understand that things can go wrong.

I did want to get it off my chest but also to make the point that there should be an ability in these firms to deviate from the system.

I used to run a small courier business and if something like this had happened I myself, if necessary, would have taken the package to it's destination.

It seems, in these days of big business, that the firms are being run for the benefit of the shareholders and staff rather than the customer.

As you point out, I am not their customer and I shall be contacting the retailer and informing them what has happened.

  tullie 12:32 24 Nov 2007

An example may be HMRC AND TNT

  oresome 16:59 24 Nov 2007

Not quite.

City Link do know where the parcel is!

  spuds 17:24 24 Nov 2007

Regarding deviating from the system, I was unfortunate in seeing a ParcelForce driver running up our driveway (it was raining)with a parcel of urgent medical supplies, that he intended to deliver at 9.00am. Phoned ParcelForce immediately and asked if it was possible for the driver to be contacted so he could perhaps return, as he could have only been a short distance away, also explained the urgency of the parcel.

"Sorry, no can do, we have no way of getting in touch with the driver. The deliver will have to be tomorrow now, make sure that you are in!". Driver arrived next morning and I ask him if no contact could be made while he was on delivery. Apparently his depot had is mobile number and used it on occasions!. All called bad hair day or modern day who pays our wages customer services.

  ened 17:40 26 Nov 2007

When I checked this morning the Status {of the package} had been changed to say that they had attempted delivery but no one was home.

I then discovered that, despite being promised an early delivery this morning, the van had left the depot without my package.

I spent an hour on the phone and ended up at their Head Office. As a result it finally arrived at two'o'clock this afternoon.

When I contacted the retailer to see about a refund of the delivery charges the initial response from CityLink was that it was being delivered today "as per my instructions"!!!!

I have now been told there is no problem with a refund, but it will still leave me out of pocket for all the time I spent holding on and being lied to whilst on an 0870 no.

As far as I am concerned they must have a serious problem at the depot and then they compounded it by trying to blame me.

At this moment in time I am seriously unimpressed with CityLink - God only knows when I would have received it if I had not taken a proactive approach this morning.

  hammy02 13:43 25 Jan 2008

We are account holders. We recently could not book any deliveries and this went on for 3 days. City Link explained that they had set up another account with the same account number for another firm. 2 firms with the same number and who knows who gets the bill and who receives which packages.It appears that the sales reps and staff can over ride account numbers at City Link with new accounts to cause this problem for existing account holders and their customers which is an extremely serious bug in City Link's systems.

  lofty29 13:55 25 Jan 2008

Tell me about city link, a few months ago, I was expecting a delivery,waited all day no, delivery, turned out that the package had not only been delivered to the wrong address, but as no one was in at that address had given it the next door neighbours. Luckily when the people came home thet were able to contact me, and I went aroung to collect it. But city link had a signature for the parcel so they did not care that it was the wrong signature

  rickf 14:54 25 Jan 2008

The same thing happened to me as ened. After a failed delivery they promised to deliver the next day. Luckily I had the foresight to ring them the morning concered to make sure it was coming and was told it was not loaded on to the van, I then told them I would collect the parcel myself and this was agreed. When I got there reception told me it was on the van. Please double check I said. They did and came back with my parcel. These people hold you at ransom becuase you are the one in need; in this case your purchased item.

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