Is City Link the worst of the major couriers?

  Newuser939 11:33 05 Jan 2014

I recently ordered an item from John Lewis. I paid extra to have it delivered on a Saturday as I am often not at home during the week. John Lewis chose to use City Link. The courier picked up the parcel on Friday morning for delivery on Saturday. When it became clear that the item was unlikely to arrive I tried to ring City Link but could only get through to an automated system. The automated system told me that the delivery would be made "tomorrow" but as "tomorrow" was Sunday, that seemed unlikely. John Lewis customer services were much more helpful and are arranging for the delivery to be made on Tuesday when I can be at home, but whether City Link will take any notice remains to be seen. Bearing in mind that other couriers are not only more reliable, but in some cases even email ahead to provide a 1 hour slot, the mystery to me is why the likes of Amazon and John Lewis continue to use City Link. There may be a small cost advantage, but surely that is outweighed by the risk of antagonising customers.

  bremner 11:51 05 Jan 2014

I must have had ten+ deliveries over xmas and only one was problematic and surprise surprise it was by City Link.

It was a M&S purchase with a guaranteed Saturday 20th delivery. I even received an email from City Link on the Friday telling me it would be delivered between 7.30-19.30 on Saturday.

It arrived on Monday!

  chub_tor 12:08 05 Jan 2014

Never had a problem with City Link, for me Yodel is the one that often fails to deliver when promised.

  pavvi 12:46 05 Jan 2014

My father in law used to a be a contractor for City Link, having been a self employed contractor for Target who were taken over by City Link. I remember when City Link were charging their clients surcharges for fuel. As a sub contractor, my father in law had to pay for his own fuel and when he requested an increase to cover the rise in fuel prices, he was refused, in spite of the surcharges. He packed in the business in the end, as not making money.

I find City Link a mixed bag. Yodel I have found worse - failing to turn up to pick up an item being returned to Amazon and when delivering flowers for Interflora, battering the flowers and delivering mother's day flowers a day late and beaten up roses.

Interlink and DPD will generally send you an email or a text giving you a 1 hr time slot and leo going the option to change the delivery date. That is the way forward.

  Forum Editor 12:47 05 Jan 2014

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  spuds 13:52 05 Jan 2014

We get a number of main firm courier type deliveries per week, and all have their slight abnormalities.

If a tracking number is provided, then try to use that, but be warned, some tracking is not always up to time and date. And it may seem a mystery how your item was being routed.

Supplies from Ebuyer where in the main via City Link, but this now seems to be in favour of other courier arrangements. Parcelforce now seems to favour leaving items at the local Post Office, if nobody is available. Yodel tend to use sub-contractor's, so expect deliveries anytime between 7.30am to 9.00pm, if its a local taxi company or someone doing part-time extra work. Yodel can also leave item in your 'designated place', possibly over you fence, wall or porch.

If the items are televisions or larger, then you may find John Lewis may use their own marked delivery fleet.

Perhaps worth adding, that the likes of Tesco, Asda and Argos may deliver on Sundays!.

Would I pay for next day deliveries, and expect sometimes the impossible, then my answer would be certainly no, no matter what the supply company or courier states. All I would expect is that the item is delivered safely and in one piece, then works straight out of the box?.

  spuds 13:59 05 Jan 2014

Perhaps worth a possible mention, you may find that a number of places like Coop stores, Post Offices and some other outlets will have arrangements for receiving items that can be collected later.

So if you are not a home during the day, there might be possibilities for collection in your area out of hours. This seems to be getting popular where I live. You might need to pay an extra fee for this?.

  HondaMan 14:43 05 Jan 2014

The short answer is "NO". It all depends on where you live! And, of course, the ability of the local managers

  Diemmess 16:41 05 Jan 2014

I'm of the same opinion as HondaMan.

The quirky bit for me is that Parcel Force are far and away the hitch-free delivery. The driver is particularly pleasant and I think he enjoys his work far more than most in a sort of fatherly way. At the other end, every now and then something spends a week or more telling fibs as to whereabouts it is, but no parcel has had severe damage or been totally lost.

  Woolwell 18:37 05 Jan 2014

Is CityLink the worst? - No. You may not have experienced Fedex.

  BT 11:14 06 Jan 2014


I think the Collection/Delivery service through local shops that you refer to is


I have used them a couple of times and you can have stuff delivered to them for your collection at your convenience from quite a few companies, including Amazon I think. You can also use them to return stuff. They also have a parcel service where you can send your own stuff at pretty good rates.

I can't say I've had any problems with other couriers apart from Parcel Force. The most recent one was where they didn't deliver a parcel and when I phoned the depot they said the driver couldn't find my address, despite my house having the Street Name sign directly in front of it and the number in 4" high characters on the wall at the front.

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