city link courier (NEVER USE AGAIN)

  Uboat 17:39 09 Dec 2010

Ok before i start to rant on i appreicate there HAS been a snow issue and parts of the UK till have some issues, I ordered a load of flat packed boxes (40 in total) last week hoping they would be here the next day, i was told by the company i bought them from said they will send them next day delivery!

I needed the boxes as we are house moving tomorrow (Friday 10th Dec) we have took everything down and placed all our things in small & large piles all over this house, i emailed the company who we bought them from who didnt reply!? then i called them on monday and asked where the hell are the boxes?

They told me they had in fact been picked up by City the same day & they are in possession of them all, so he gave me the tracking number & i went to the website and it said they was due to be delivered two days previous? ok ok i thought this is down to the weather so i thought i'l call them..

I called the "08444 930 932" for enquiries and was shocked to hear a voice message saying they had in fact closed the complete Call Centre? due to the weather condition??

IVe tried again today & its the same message so basicly i move tomorrow and we have no boxes? City Link are UN-contactable! & when most of the country is abck to normal i find it hard they havent at least left a way of been able to communicate with them!

there is people i dare say in much worse situations then us & i only feel sorry for them..what a situation City Link has left us it looks like i am going to have to goto a load of shops and ask for boxes...not good enough & i'l never use or recommend them again...

Anyway have a look at these reviews SPEAKS VOLUMES!

click here

  iscanut 18:12 09 Dec 2010

No consolation to you now, but you should make the company you ordered from aware of this dreadful service.

  dagbladet 18:15 09 Dec 2010

Any good?

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:15 09 Dec 2010

Wouldn't it have been slightly smarter of you to order the boxes much earlier especially as a) there is a bit of snow about and b)if they are so important ordering them and expecting them to arrive the day before you move is perhaps not the sharpest move made in the history of man.


  Uboat 19:08 09 Dec 2010

GANDALF i checked with the company i bought them from before i ordered if they could get them to me & there reply was YES they supply a "Next Day" delivery... & in my defense we have been waiting for a move in date for some time and its just pounced on us & we want out of here ASAP..

dagbladet PERFECT! thank you so much your a star!

iscanut yeah good point! thanks guys for your time..

  Forum Editor 19:19 09 Dec 2010

and I have to say I've found them to
be pretty good. It's a hell of a life running a courier company because you're never likely to come out winning every time. Parcels move around the country (and in and out of it) via a complex web of trunkers and hubs and local distribution depot crews, and a hold-up in any one of the first two cascades rapidly.

Add bad weather to the mix, and problems hit you from all angles.

The information in dagbladet's link tells the story.

  bjh 19:31 09 Dec 2010

DHL and Parcelforce are both running late with several routine next day deliveries to me. Road conditions were hell in places, and there will be a backlog to clear.

Talking of which, where's WTM? Anyone seen the hat poking above a snowdrift on a BBC news report?

  morddwyd 20:09 09 Dec 2010

Must admit I've been waiting for two or three parcels for ten days or more.

I haven't even bothered trying to track them.

I can't get out of my house, why should I expect anybody else to try to get in?

  spuds 22:31 09 Dec 2010

City-link seem to be working as normal around my area, as do most of the other courier companies.

Yesterday and today I received items from a fair distance away, via Royal Mail and ParcelForce.

  rickf 23:53 09 Dec 2010

Oh dear Iam expecting a delivery from PF tomorrow on a next day delivery order. Anyone knows anything about the situation around Oxford?

  gengiscant 10:22 10 Dec 2010

I also have been waiting for parcels but as with the major courier companies had up to date info,Parcelforce have been an absolute joke. You are advised to use their tracking system, but compared to the likes of DHL and UPS all the information I managed to find on their tracking website was that they were at some national hub,where ever that may be.
Trying to speak to a human was equally difficult, yes we have had major problems in regards to the snow and of course deliveries will be delayed because of it. But time and time again in this country does the issue of poor information seem to become apparent in difficult situations.
Its my belief that although these days we have a multitude of ways to communicate, somehow we seem unable to do so.

"Uboat"Hope your move is a success.

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