CISS Systems

  Chas49 17:36 15 Apr 2009

Is there anyone who has the Canon IP4600 and has already bought and used such a system? If you have I'd appreciate your comments on it's performance. Any snags etc.?

  Chas49 23:32 16 Apr 2009

Found a firm Rihac - an Aussie firm but, it appears that thy have an agent in this country. Has anyone used a CISS system bought from them?

  Kemistri 00:12 17 Apr 2009

As no-one else has helped you with this, I just searched for "ciss for ip4600" hoping to find similar forum topics, but found none. Just some product results, mostly from eBay, and some from Amazon with unfavourable reviews. I have heard the name Rihac somewhere, but I know nothing about it.

  Chas49 00:36 17 Apr 2009


Like you I did a search and found that a business, via EBay, was advertising what I wanted. I found an address, both physical and an email. So I emailed them - had no answer. As the address was in Birmingham it was easy for to first locate the street (actually Lawford Close) via Google Earth, clicking on a camera in the Vauxhall Road gave a view of that road and I was able to pan around until I found the camera showing Lawford Close, there, in the left hand corner I saw the business I was seeking. As a pensioner with a bus pass it was easy to get over there and see for myself (I had hoped to get one there and then) - where I had seen the business was now a car spares firm. It would appear that they have gone out of business and forgotten to remove their details from EBay. Another search and I found Rihac, emailed them and got a reply along with a pdf manual giving details of how to fit this CISS to the IP4600. If I am to judge from the emails then it would appear that they are trustworthy. You may gather that I am very wary where EBay are concerned - or rather, in the people who use them - perhaps unfairly, but its better to be safe than sorry. Just one thing bothers me - the asking price is some £25 greater than systems for other printers - perhaps that is a result of it being a relatively new printer and the scarcity of systems for it.

Anyway, thanks for the response.

  beeuuem 13:19 20 Apr 2009

click here say that they should have the IP4600 system on their site by the end of the week.
I have their IP4500 system which works perfectly.

  Chas49 14:24 20 Apr 2009


Thanks for your reply, very kind. I should have ticked this post as resolved - for that I apologise. I did find one at Rihac UK - it's the Aussie one - looks very like that you have.

  Chas49 14:46 20 Apr 2009


As I said, the system I have bought looks similar to yours - you say that it works perfectly, I don't doubt it for its a good printer but I'd appreciate your input on the installation of it - any unforeseen snags?

  Chas49 14:47 20 Apr 2009

Just a word about Rihac (and I am not advertising - just stating what I have experienced).

I asked them to send a manual regarding this system, and the lady running the show did just that the same evening (at 10.30pm!). So far, the co-operation I've had has been first class. I think that this should be mentioned as a lot of posts appear to slate (sleight?) dealers in some way or other - so, polite and friendly assistance is appreciated. I can't say (crossed fingers!) that I have had any trouble buying on the web at all - perhaps I'm just lucky.

  beeuuem 18:54 20 Apr 2009

The only problem was in aligning the chips so the all the cartridges were recognised. A minor problem sometime later when a cartridge was not recognised but that was probably my fault for not seating the chip firmly.
But if you take your time,follow the instructions, ensure that the ink supply is properly positioned and the tubes fixed where they enter the printer it really is quite straightforward.
I have only had to top up the black and magenta tanks in 8 months.
Happy printing.

  johnincrete 07:11 27 Apr 2009

Adverts talk about 80% saving - some say 90%.
What is the truth in real life?
My biggest printing job is for CD's of sermons: printing on the CD and the case cover. I've had to restrict to no photos or colourful pictures because of ink usage

  Chas49 19:47 28 Apr 2009

The problem I experienced beeuuem was that of actually seeing what I was doing - my eyesight is poor and the chip fixing near impossible and, like you I did get that wrong. After some 7 hours - repeat 7, I gave up and in pique ( and to my eternal shame) - threw the whole lot away. A combination of age and frustration led me to do this and, as I implied, I now regret the childish reaction to my being unable to succeed in the installation. Act in haste - repent at leisure.

I have received an email from the supplier Rihac UK offering to come down from Manchester to install it for me - although too late I must commend their kind offer - not too many people would offer to do that!

Also, I would like to thank you for your replies to my post. These events make up in some way for the disappointment in realising that I simply can't do things I used to find easy - ask any old person you know and, if they have had that experience, no doubt they will confirm the feelings that are invoked by your failures.


I think that doing the odd photo (as opposed to a session where a lot of printing is done) is what uses the ink rather quickly - I noticed that the IP4600 did quite a lot of work in the background both before and after a single print. Probably that bit at the end uses ink (to clean itself?) and so wastes it as far as output is concerned - whereas, on a long run that only occdrs at the end of that run.

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