Christmas deliveries

  Forum Editor 16:51 18 Dec 2007

Is it my imagination, or has the online retailing business ramped up the eficiency setting this Christmas?

I can remember only a couple of years ago, seeing post after post here, in the forum, bemoaning the fact that stuff which was ordered a couple of weeks before Christmas still hadn't been delivered on Christmas eve. This year I've had a personal experience of how times have changed. I ordered a new TV from Ebuyer last Saturday morning, and at the time the delivery promise was Thursday 20th. Not too bad, I thought, considering it's Christmas.

My wife rang me at 11:00 this morning to say that CityLink had made the delivery - almost exactly 72 hours after ordering.

Well done, Ebuyer and CityLink.

Well done, Amazon, too. Some books that were ordered yesterday have been dispatched, and will be with me tomorrow.

No wonder online retailers are reporting a huge increase in sales volumes.

  CatTrading 17:01 18 Dec 2007

I ordered a few days ago from maplin at 1725 & my order turned up at 0900 the next morning!

I think companies have started to realise that if they want the extra business this time of year then deliveries have to be before Christmas Day!

  Forum Editor 17:16 18 Dec 2007

I had another delivery due, also from Ebuyer, and also delivered by CityLink - this time to my office. On that occasion nobody was in when the driver arrived, so he rang our office number and left a voicemail to say that he had called, and that he would 'pop back tomorrow'.

Never, in the whole time I have been ordering stuff online has that happened. It felt like, and was, excellent customer service, and I was very impressed.

  I am Spartacus 17:20 18 Dec 2007

In the last 10 days I've ordered items from ebuyer, Amazon, Novatech, QuietPC, Maplins and Overclockers. All have arrived within 2 days (a few have been next day) apart from the order from Overclockers which is still in the warehouse queue after 6 days (was in stock when I ordered).

It seems a lot different to last year.

It's the last order I place with Overclockers. Wouldn't be too bad if they had the courtesy to contact me to explain the delay.

  I am Spartacus 17:23 18 Dec 2007

Forgot to mention that I get excellent service from CityLink. I now seem to get the same driver every time and he knows the best times to deliver/get a cup of coffee.

  wee eddie 18:30 18 Dec 2007

I think that the On-line Retailers have realised that the world is no longer their oyster and they can no-longer do whatever they wish without risk of comeback.

I also have a feeling that the On-liners are doing what the High Street used to do in the past. They have been overstating their pre-Christmas Turnover.

However we should also recognise that many On-line Companies, and Mail Services, are much better organised than the were, even as little as two years ago

  Curio 18:58 18 Dec 2007

Ordered all my Xmas gifts on-line this year. All delivered within 5 days of placing the order. Mind you, that was in October! No complaints from me.

  961 19:21 18 Dec 2007

all the ones I buy from have got their act together

The stuff is arriving on or before the delivery date promised, without exception so far

On top of that, the last dates to order seem to be much nearer Dec 25th than last year

Must single out Amazon. Just the one for others to emulate

Just hope the turkey is up with all the rest!

  anskyber 19:23 18 Dec 2007

Quite a few things ordered on line for Xmas, a good many of which are from Amazon.

They are well named because it must be a massive task to make things run smoothly and I am delighted with the service from them and the other retailers.

  tigertop2 21:19 18 Dec 2007

The high street retailers like Dixons, PC World and similar are probably all doomed in the short to mid term. What I'd like to see is some of the good guys like Novatech taking over the the premises that will soon become empty after the likes of PC World vacate and offering a pick up point for your pre-ordered items. As a Scot I might be prepared to pick up my purchase in Dundee or Edinburgh but I am unlikely to want to drive to Bristol or Portsmouth! I am not suggesting a sales store in Dundee or Edinburgh as that is probably too much to hope for but a 'collect' hub point would surely make sense instead of having delivery vans tootling all over the country side. Hub points could even be shared by retailers to save on costs

  Joe R 22:17 18 Dec 2007

I also, have done almost all of my Xmas shopping online this year.

Have not had one delivery problem, with items varying from kid's clothes, to P.C. components.

Praise goes to Amazon, (as always) Scan, Komplett and Pineapple (clothing for women and kids) for first rate service, ( and with Scan a three day turnaround for faulty memory ), and also must give my thanks also to Citylink, and the driver who, when recieving no answer at my home address, telephoned my mobile number, and delivered the parcel to my office within five minutes.

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