ronalddonald 11:53 27 May 2008

We ordered some print cartridges and paper during a weekend when they had this special discount. We received the print cartridges and were happy with those The paper is a RIP OFF. The charged us for 100 sheets of paper £8.35. Each ream appernlty contains 25 heets of paper. On the website it didnt tell me how many how much paper was in a ream. I wish there a law agaisnt this kind mis represtation of staionery. From now on i be buying print carts only but never ever again any paper from them. I needed the paper for my course cos i be doing a lot of printing on articles for my course.

  ray7 12:43 27 May 2008

A 'ream' of paper is, to my knowledge, 500 sheets.
I haven't seen the advert to which you refer but usually photo paper is advertised by the pack of 20, 25, 50, 100 etc.

I don't think you have been ripped off. To me £8.35 per 100 sheets seems like good value. I use a fair amount and cannot recall paying as little as that.

  iscanut 13:07 27 May 2008

As ronalddonald did not say whether the paper was gloosy photo paper or not. If it is ordinary A4 white for day to day printing, then he has been ripped off at that price. As ray7 says, if it was good photo paper then not a bad price. As he was printing articles, sounded like ordinary printing paper !

  ray7 13:15 27 May 2008

I fully agree. I was assuming we were dicussing Photo Paper. If I was wrong, I apologise and agree the price seems exorbitant. (1 ream at Tesco....£1.73)

In which case, return it to Choice Stationary and request a refund. If they refuse, THEN you have been ripped off.

  tullie 13:31 27 May 2008

Please enlighten us as to the type of paper Ronald

  choicestationery 15:09 27 May 2008

Hi Ronald

I am as confused as the others.

All of the papers on our site say how many sheets are in each pack in the main title.


A4 High Gloss Photo Paper 150gsm Pack 20 Sheets

If you could email me I will certainly look into this for your but it would appear you have mis read the website details which as above show how many sheets are in a pack, and as the others have stated inkjet papers that are coated are more expensive than standard copy paper, which by the way we sell for £2.49 for 100 sheets.

Also, with our current 25% offer I can not see a paper on our site for £8.35.

All our inks and papers are reduced by 25% if you enter the voucher code 5525.

Please email me at [email protected] and I will look into this further for you and then perhaps you can let the others know your findings.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Andrews
Choice Stationery Supplies

  ronalddonald 16:22 27 May 2008

Made a mitake it was a4 paper 80gsm pack 100 unit price @ 1.67 line total £8.35. Now if pop down to my local asda store its £8.35 for 2000 sheets.

  Pamy 16:25 27 May 2008

So, was the price stated for the paper shown as Pual said it should have been? If it was then you new at the time what you were paying for 100sheets.

  pj123 16:43 27 May 2008

So, it looks like you ordered 5 packs of A4 80gsm paper (100 sheets per pack) at £1.67 = £8.35.

No rip off then!

You knew what you were doing.

  €dstowe 16:54 27 May 2008

Why didn't you "pop down" to your local Asda store in the first place?

My local Tesco sells paper at an even cheaper price but it's of extremely low quality.

  Pamy 17:20 27 May 2008


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