Choice of supplier

  gummycravat 17:28 25 Oct 2007

I like the look of the top 3 £1000+ PC's reveiwed in the Dec 07 edition of PCA, even allowing for Mesh's demotion due to a pricing issue.
The next step was to consider the reliabilty (or otherwise of the suppliers).
Mesh seem to have the most problems if the posts on this and other forumns are to believed, but cyberpower and Cube247 also get less than glowing reviews.
Having bought 3 PC's from Evesham (last one > 3 years ago), I have looked at them but they look a bit pricy and their recent woes are a worry.
What's one to do?
A PCA review of suppliers is well overdue

  Totally-braindead 19:35 25 Oct 2007

It was brought up some time ago by some of the Forum about the poor after sales some suppliers give and that the Charts should refect that as well.
The explanation given was that it was next to impossible to do this as there was no real way to check for numbers of satisfied and unsatisfied customers.
You might think this is a bit stupid to say that but if you think about it it does make sense.
If you buy something and are satisfied with it you are less likely to give a thumbs up as you've no real interest in voting as everythings ok. However if you have problems then you are more likely to vote as you're annoyed at the service or whatever. Also some retailers sell say 1000 units a month and others sell 100. If the big supplier has 50 complaints and the small supplier gets 20 complaints going by numbers alone it appear that the smaller retailer has a better service. But they don't, the large retailer has 5% complaints and the smaller one has 20% complaints.
See what I mean?
Even if your PC came with a card for you to vote on your happiness with the PC would you bother sending it in if you were happy? I probably wouldn't. And then theres the time aspect. When do you ask the customer to send the card in? When he gets it, when hes had the computer 6 months or a year?
I must admit I would like to see some sort of charts but I have no idea how they could get effective information to make it up.
The only thing I have seen that even comes close is when theres the yearly vote for best ISP, best computer provider etc. But even they aren't really accurate as not everyone will vote.
The only way to get a proper chart or whatever as to who is good and who is bad is if everyone votes and I don't see any way for that to happen.

  saleda 16:44 28 Oct 2007

Cube247 seem to get a large number of complaints
and are not amongst the biggest of companies.
When they sold on e-bay they got more than their
fair share of neg. feedbacks.

  MrBen CI:-) 16:51 28 Oct 2007

Novatech always seem to have good reviews.

  Totally-braindead 19:48 28 Oct 2007

Novatech is my favourite supplier both for parts and for PCs. You might get a cheaper deal but if something does go wrong thats when you appreciate Novatechs after sales service.
My own PC is not a Novatech PC mainly because I was using a lot of my existing components so just bought the bits I needed. Otherwise I would probably have one of them.

  100andthirty 20:15 28 Oct 2007

In early October I had the most fantastic service from Evesham. My 2 year 9 month old computer - with a 3 year warranty - had a graphics card fault. They couldn't find another graphics card with the same spec (built in TV tuner), so they rebuilt the machine with current components. This was good service and was after the troubles.

  spicyspencer 16:45 08 Nov 2007

I have just purchased my second Cube system and in our family we must have purchased 6 or 8 in the last 5 years, I can’t recommend them enough!

My brothers system failed with a dodgy graphics card – Cube replaced the card and delivered the system back within a week!

I first noticed Cube on eBay just like Saleda mentions above – although I don’t know why he states they had a poor negative record – spite I guess – in five years 99% of purchasers left them a positive comment – check here, they even have a cool link to watch them selling on TV!!

click here

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