Choice Stationery say they are fighting back

  TOPCAT® 19:59 09 Nov 2005

Notice to customers. TC.

click here

  Monoux 20:26 09 Nov 2005

Perhaps people power will prevail. If folks stop buying Epson Printers because of the high cost of Epson cartridges and the enforced restrictions on compatables then maybe just maybe they may relent if sales fall sufficiently.

  pj123 21:00 09 Nov 2005

Monoux, the problem there is if Epson start it then all the other printer manufacturers will jump on the bandwagon. Where will it end.

More comments on this at: click here

  Forum Editor 22:36 09 Nov 2005

that we don't permit posts from companies who overtly use the forum as a means to advertise or promote their products, so I have deleted the post from Choice stationery.

There's no harm in linking to their website of course, but we're not running campaigning threads in respect of matters which are the subject of legal actions.

  Carbonara 23:27 09 Nov 2005

Have both of the above links been disabled, or is it just a glitch?

  Carbonara 23:33 09 Nov 2005

First link appeared as a "popunder"!

  Arnie 00:30 10 Nov 2005

pj123. Not when the other companies saw what effect "people power" was having on Epson. There is also a matter of goodwill that exists between customers and companies.
Also remember Epson make other products like paper, scanners and cameras. What if they were boycotted?

It is acceptable if Epson are protecting a particular copyright on a cartridge or ink. It is not if they are simply trying to wipe out the opposition to increase their profits.

After all, Hoover never seemed to worry about cheaper pattern parts being available for their vacuum cleaners or washing machines.

  choicestationery 10:46 10 Nov 2005

Well thats hardly fair considering the money we spend with PC Advisor!

Well, I guess its time we cancel our advertising with them if they cant support and advertiser.

Thanks for your support guys, keep it up!

  De Marcus™ 11:12 10 Nov 2005

Feet stomping gets you nowhere, Fe pulled the post for good reason, legal action! Not only would it open PCA to libellous action, it leaves you open to it as well, I wonder what HQ lawyers would say on the matter....

  choicestationery 11:36 10 Nov 2005

The post had nothing to do with legal matters, simply how we have managed to bring out a new compatible cartridge.


  De Marcus™ 13:27 10 Nov 2005

Still didn't stop you stomping your feet like a huffy little child did it...

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