Choice Stationery Now Despatch From Jersey

  Taff™ 08:13 22 Mar 2007

Having placed an order with Choice Stationery last week I was surprised to receive packages from Jersey. It appears they have relocated their warehouse to Jersey and therefore avoid the UK VAT regime by despatching orders in quantities with a value lesss than £18. (I think)

Order confirmation stated "We apologise for the slight delay in the processing of your order. This is not up to our usual standard of delivery due to the move of our warehouse over the weekend to much larger premises. Going forward this will mean we can hold more stocks which will enable us to turn your orders around faster - Thank you for your patience and bearing with us."

8 Days later and I`ve received 4 padded envelopes so far and I am still waiting for the balance of the order. (I`ll give it another couple of days) Previously deliveries took 3/4 days and were in larger packets.

I note their website has now dropped all references to prices including VAT. Hope this is a good move for them. They have always given first class prices and service up to now. Anyone else noticed a delay in their deliveries?

  spuds 11:06 22 Mar 2007

Have the prices been reduced, due to the Vat implication?.

  oresome 14:10 22 Mar 2007

I was listening to a feature on the radio recently and the political leader on Jersey was implying that they were giving notice to a lot of companies to leave the island. These were the ones who were established on Jersey simply to take advantage of the VAT rules.

Some have already relocated to other european destinations which offer similar tax advantages.

Reading between the lines, I think the British Government was leaning on them.

  Taff™ 14:49 22 Mar 2007

spuds - No immediate price drops but they are offering 10% off this week!

  Totally-braindead 17:53 22 Mar 2007

I got stuff from Choice yesterday, the usual good quality stuff but I too noticed the Jersey postmark.
Was going to get some more photo quality paper from them but I'm on my second packet of Rex Glossy Photopaper 240gsm. £4.99 for 50 A4 sheets and its very good quality paper, you get it from ALDI. Brilliant on my Epson at least. Choice can't come close on price, the closest they have is 210 gsm and its £16 for 50 sheets.
Still use Choice for my carts though.

  Jackcoms 19:19 22 Mar 2007

"Have the prices been reduced, due to the Vat implication?."

No - and they haven't gone up, either, due to the higher postage "implication" from Jersey.

  anchor 11:37 24 Mar 2007

10% off until midnight on 26th March.

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Enter code: 200310

  Taff™ 08:57 25 Mar 2007

Contacted Choice on Friday to chase up the balance of the order and was told to wait until Tuesday next week which will be 15 days since I ordered. Then they will re-despatch.

I order inks for several of my customers, collating their requirements and ordering when they have an offer on as anchor has pointed out. I do this as a small service to my regulars and make very little out of the exercise but it keeps them in touch with me. Now I can`t claim back the VAT so effectively their prices have increased by 17.5%.

I have several orders to place on Monday but I fear it will be the last time I shall be doing so - there are now cheaper options available from UK based suppliers.

  oresome 23:02 25 Mar 2007

An interesting perspective on the VAT free sales from Taff™ which I'd never thought of. Not that it's an issue for a private purchaser.

  spuds 11:39 26 Mar 2007

In this particular case, it would appear (in theory) that Choice have increased their prices by seventeen and a half percent by shipping from an 'offshore' port. Looking at the extra postal costs charged by Jersey Post, still doesn't improve the 'advantage' and increased cost of the final product.

  Totally-braindead 12:21 26 Mar 2007

And they are having teething problems to. As I mentioned I got my order last week but it wasn't complete. Not only have they sent the rest of the order but have sent it twice, they gave me a choice, 20% off the extra they sent in error or a freepost address to return the extra to them. Which is fair enough I think.
I do like Choice because of the good quality of their stuff and their excellent after sales but had not considered the VAT implications. It does appear they have effectively increased their prices by 17.5%. But as long as that doesn't effect the price I pay then fair enough.
I do have a certain sympathy with Taff™s post though and can see his point too.

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