Choice Stationery does it again

  pj123 16:10 24 Jun 2008

Just received this email from Choice.

"The Mega Packs are back!
The Think Mega Packs are back this week - Receive 2 EXTRA inkjets with all our Epson compatible Pick ‘n Mix Packs - that's now from just £2.25 per cartridge!

How it Works - You create your pack with the combination of colour's you need, for example, a six pack can be, 2 magenta, 1 cyan, 1 yellow and 2 blacks. Or an all black pack if you like. It 's your pack, it's up to you - & now with two extra carts!
Order online here or call free on 0800 093 9040 - offer ends 30th June 2008"

Beginning to be a bit like Allied Carpets, alway a sale on.

click here

Offer ends Monday 30th June.

  MCE2K5 16:16 24 Jun 2008

Starts again 1st July.

  Patr100 17:53 24 Jun 2008

Why do I get the feeling this thread is a thinly disguised advet?...

  Patr100 17:53 24 Jun 2008

or even advert.....

  Chris the Ancient 18:13 24 Jun 2008

I'm with pj123. Ordered a pack yesterday.

I don't look on it as a thinly disguised advert - just passing on the good news. Choice always rate highly in this forum.

  Joe R 19:21 24 Jun 2008

CISS, and you'll just ignore these adverts. :)

  ronalddonald 23:01 24 Jun 2008

defenitly an advetising campaign to get people to buy cartridges. Ive seen this type of advetsing on numerous occassions.

  Patr100 10:41 25 Jun 2008

I've used Choice myself but if we all started posting when we get offer type emails from various companies , dabs, amazon etc the forum would soon get clogged up.

Praise is one thing, advertising is another.


  Picklefactory 11:43 25 Jun 2008

pj123 is a regular and busy contributer to various forums here, and while he/she (Sorry pj123, I don't know which you are) seems to be quite a fan of choice, the same could be said for many other forum members. I also don't see this post as advertising, just letting other members know that there is, what sounds like, a good deal available, and spreading the joy.
Not intended as a rant, and hope I haven't misunderstood, but it seems one or two are a tad critical of what IMHO is a harmless bit of info by a helpful individual.

  pj123 12:43 25 Jun 2008

Thanks all.

I didn't post this as an advert for Choice. I always put up a thread whenever Choice emails me with any offers and so do others.

It's a way of letting others know of good deals.

Personally, I don't use Choice Stationery for ink any more because both my Epson R220 printers are fitted with a CIS System.

But if you all think it is an advert campaign then I will tick it as resolved.

  ronalddonald 13:14 25 Jun 2008

I havent got nothing against you but the fact is many others have posted here time and time again and it happens almost every two months or so. Thats why it looks like an advertising campaign. If Choice want people to know it shpould come from diectly from them, not from you. Did choice ask you to advetise on their behalf?

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