Choice Stationery - discount offer

  jack 12:09 22 Jun 2007

Choice are repeating their recent discount offer
I hade my e-mail this morning
I have been trying to 3 hours to complete the purchase and keep getting 'Error on the payment server'

So the question is Is it Me or Bury Busy Choice or the C.Card Server that is doing it wrong?

  spuds 13:50 22 Jun 2007

Choice Stationary started to get problematic since their move, so I have stopped using them. Just as cheap elsewhere, and no real vat savings with Choice.

  Taff™ 17:15 22 Jun 2007

There are no VAT savings. Last order for £100 less their "discount" was on 11 June and the last item has only been despatched today. Typically we used to have next day delivery but now it`s 2/3 working days at best.

Invoice system is also up the creek - no discount showing on the delivery notes, only the gross amount. I`m going to have to abandon them as a supplier - as has been said, there are cheaper business orientated suppliers out there.

Paul Andrews - prepared to comment? (Or drop me a PM)

  jack 17:41 22 Jun 2007

This is a shame - Typical of a successful business getting too successful- natural progression I guess.

My Epson prints work well with the Think carts too

Other brands always seem to have trouble getting recognised -no withstanding doing all the recommended
thing such take out put back - getting a zapper etc.,
I have in the past removed the chips from a set that have worked and implanted them on the 3rd party replacements- perhaps I shall have to revert,

  pj123 16:14 23 Jun 2007

I made a substantial saving on my last order with Choice. (19.98%).

Because the order total was way above the "No VAT" limit it was split into 4 packages, all just below the limit. It took a couple of days to arrive but all 4 packages arrived the same day.

The offer has now been extended until 0900 Monday 25th June 2007.

I will continue to use Choice.

  beeuuem 16:25 23 Jun 2007

Sadly the service is not what it was.
I ordered three items on 10/06.
One arrived on 21/06, a second on 23/06 and the third is yet to arrive.

  choicestationery 17:47 23 Jun 2007


Thank you for your comments, the 19.98% discount has been extended and unfortunately it took our website down yesterday due to the response.

We fixed this by early afternoon and all is working well again.

The offer is valid until 9am Monday - check the website for more details as I cannot be seen to advertise on here.

I wont say we have not had problems with the move, its like moving house. We have held our hands up. Its more how you deal with the problem, which our fantastic staff have done a marvellous job in doing (our call centre is in Somerset, not India and most of them have been with us from the start).

Our new warehouse has been further improved just this week with new bin locations, easy pick and pack and they work from 7 in the morning until 10 at night now getting orders out.

Yes Jack we have been successful and we have worked hard to get here. We are just a family business and will continue to be so, so we do learn by our mistakes. Our main priority though is customer service and when we do make an error we will do all we can to correct it, as we are not a major PLC who doesn't give a dam- this is Choice and we do.

So as always I give you my personal email address [email protected] - drop me an email if you have a problem and I will deal with it personally for you even on a Saturday like today! I don't think if you had a problem with your Ford car you could contact the Chairman on a Saturday!

There are a lot of changes in the inkjet business, we invested heavily in new cartridges when one of the OEM companies (not mentioning any names but there is a place in Surrey that sounds similar) approached us 2 years ago and thank goodness we did. Other companies are now selling off cheap stock quickly and who knows they may not even be here next week if you have a problem. Choice offers a 2-year guarantee on all its products, which even covers the printer.

I started Choice 9 years ago from scratch and aim to be here for the next 9 years as one big happy family. Our customers are great and very supportive and I thank you all for that.

Paul Andrews
Choice Stationery Supplies

  pj123 17:54 23 Jun 2007

Taff™. There you go. Paul has responded.

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