Choice Stationery

  Little Davel 19:32 10 May 2003

Well done to !! Ordered Epson compatibles over May bank holiday. 4 colour and 5 black for a shade under £18 (inclusive of vat and postage) and got them Thursday. Nice price - good delivery.

  aj 19:53 10 May 2003

Yep I've used them for nearly four years now always a good service at a good price.

  The Pretender 20:01 10 May 2003

I ordered 4 Epson compatibles 10PM Thursday and they arrived 9AM this morning - another satisfied customer!!

  Totally-braindead 21:10 10 May 2003

I've used them for the past 3 years or so, the proof of a good company in my opinion is what they do when something goes wrong. I changed my cartridge as usual and it wouldn't print at all, as I'm sure most of you know, when you clean the heads having installed new cartridges it uses quite a bit of ink. Anyway tried numerous times and couldn't get it to clear so replaced the cartridge with another, worked no problem. Now having tried cleaning the heads so many times I noticed the other cartridge was now half empty. Contacted Choice, told them what had happened and they replaced both cartridges colour and black at no cost to me. Now that is a good company. Well done Choice Stationery

  albert108 21:44 10 May 2003

I ordered 5 black cartridges for an Epson for £9 , they sent me 6, they work absolutely fine, unbelievable value.

  spuds 11:17 11 May 2003

I too would recommend this company.I have purchased a number of HP compatible cartridges from them over a couple of years or so. Then I changed to refilling my own with one of their kits,had a leakage problem, but the support knew the answer straight away, so problem was solved by dear old 'blue-tak'.

  LAP 19:53 13 May 2003

I will only use Choice Stationery the service and speed of delivery is excellent..Lap

  Lone Crow 21:04 13 May 2003

Me too - brilliant company! LC.

  Lone Crow 21:05 13 May 2003

AND you can get credit on used carts with them now, though it's restricted to postal orders (not web). LC.

  RomQ 18:02 14 May 2003

They've had only two reviews and it sounds as if they deserve a much better rating. Any more reviews? click here

  BT 09:33 18 May 2003

I must agree with everyone.When my old printer packed up and I bought a new one I had several carts left which they part exchnged for carts for my new printer. Top Marks!!

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