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  yesso 20:54 07 Mar 2006

Bought 2 sets of colour cartridges for Cannon IP 3000 printer. Installed 1st set, had to do a deep clean to get them to work, then 2 hours later same again. Rang Choice, told install and try second set. Same problem. Bought and installed genuine Cannon cartidges because I needed printer. Worked perfectly. Rang Choice. told that tech support would ring me, and to return faulty cartidges. Just happened to have six leaking cartidges to hand. Still waiting for call from tech support 10 days later. been better putting £24 on lottery

  spuds 22:53 07 Mar 2006

Quite a number of forum user recommend Choice Stationary, but I had a problem with one of their leaking compatibles, which was eventually sorted out with the suggestion of 'blue-tack'.Since that time, they have cut down on their range of previous products suitable for my printers, so I have moved elsewhere.

  Stuartli 14:04 08 Mar 2006

Scan is currently offering Epson compatibles (PrintWorks) from 81p per cartridge on its TodayOnly page:

click here

  rmcqua 14:31 08 Mar 2006

Yes but be careful because, as far as I can tell, Scan charge £7.00 postage.

  pj123 16:33 08 Mar 2006

rmcqua, dead right. Just checked it and a black cartridge for my Epson R200 69p plus VAT and Carriage = £9.04. Choice Stationery price including VAT and Carriage £4.75.

Also just found a local computer shop doing compatible Epson cartridges for any Epson printer at £5. Haven't tried them yet but now know where to go in an emergency.

  cyberphobic 20:52 08 Mar 2006

You get what you pay for - just bought 6 black and white + 4 colour cartridges for my Epson 32 00 for less than £30 - I could of course pay Dixons the same amount for 1 colour cartridge. Choice are an excellent company - I've used them for years, whenever I've had a problem cartridge it's always been replaced FOC

  Europa 21:04 08 Mar 2006

I did notice that sometimes some of their compatibles for my Epson printer leaks. I notice that by cleaning the head of the printer, the leaking stops. Don't ask me the logic of it, I wouldn't know.
But I have been using them for my compatibles for quite some time now and I am happy with the service they offer.

  choicestationery 16:35 09 Mar 2006


As you may know we have had to change the design of our cartridges due to certain legal cases being actioned recently.

The new design of the Canon cartridge in particualr has caused a problem for our R&D department, however a mark 2 version will be released in about 2 months which will completely resolve the problem.

While this has been noted as a problem it has only increased the failure rate by 2% up to 4% and only for certain Canon compatible Cartridges. For those and any other cartridge causing a problem we will replace the cartridge straight away, no questions asked. Just call us on 0870 44 22 462

Choice Stationery Supplies

  yesso 19:30 09 Mar 2006

I welcome your response but this has only happened since I posted a comment on PC Advisors site. Perhaps you could inform your sales staff as to who is entitled to a refund/replacement. Or at least you could have contacted me directly instead of a reply via a web site


  spuds 23:07 09 Mar 2006

Choice have responded in the past on this forum, and if you notice, they have given an open invite to anyone with a problem with their products.Which can only be a good thing!.

  fullyfitted 21:54 11 Mar 2006

I agree with yesso, I had trouble with a Canon compatable cartridge which took a number of deep cleans to get going and then leaked badly.

I e-mailed Choice for advice because I reckoned I wasted half of the ink and whilst in the past they have been prompt in replying in this instance I'm still waiting.

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