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  Arnie 12:28 17 Mar 2006

A couple of days ago, even after multiple cleaning cycles, my Epson C66 printer failed to print in black,.
I removed and inspected the cartridge and found the ink had become very viscous. Even poking the ink feed hole would not allow ink to flow freely. However, on shaking the cart I could hear ink swishing about inside the container.

I fitted a new black cart with one from Choice’s standard Think range. The printer then produced low quality print. A nozzle check showed a poor print pattern result.

I left the printer until the next day and tried again.
Possibly through capillary action, the print qualitywas now back to normal.

I contacted Choice to order a set of carts from their Think + range. At the same time I mentioned the black cart problem to Ian and he said a new cart would be added free of charge to my order.

The excellent outcome was that I was supplied with a free one from the more expensive Think + range.

I have been using Choice’s carts for around 5 years and this is the first problem I have encountered with their product.

Well done Choice Stationery.

  Totally-braindead 14:32 17 Mar 2006

I like you have used them for years, I only had one faulty cartridge which I had just installed and it took so much head cleaning to resolve the problem that I ended up nearly emptying the black and the colour cartridge. Phoned Choice and got a replacement black and colour free of charge a few days later.

If only all companies provided such good service when something goes wrong.

  BigRik 15:28 17 Mar 2006

Couldn't agree more.

Choice are a fabulous company and a pleasure to do business with.

  DrScott 17:43 17 Mar 2006

I bought 4 cartridges from the Think + range for my Canon IP3000. The first black cartridge leaked everywhere when I took off the protective panel, ruining my jeans (a rather nice pair too!)

The yellow and magneta cartridges also leaked, though I managed to put down some card to avoid a repeat of clothes ruining. My hands looked very pretty afterwards though!

Finally, the prints are really terrible - I keep having to 'clean' the print nozzles and run through lots of prints to get an adequate quality print out without streaking.

Now their customer service is pretty good I will admit that. They've sent out replacement black cartridges, though that's not much good for the jeans. Having e-mailed them twice already I can't bring myself to complain about the colours. I really can't be bothered with the hassle and will spend money on the genuine cartridges in future - getting covered in ink is not really my idea of fun (well not since I was 6 anyway!)

Oh and their online ordering is really not very good at all. They've recently changed their website and you can't get to the shopping basket from the homepage. Plus you can't remove individual items. I did tell them about this, but I got a rather pointless reply.

Right rant over! Time to pour money down the Canon well...

  Arnie 19:15 17 Mar 2006

I have just installed a magenta & a cyan cart in my Epson C66 printer from the Think + range. These are mixed with the old Think black & yellow carts.

On my first observation all seems to be okay.

If you look on Choice’s website, there is a picture of the two types of cart. the Think + ones use a diaphragm valve system.
In the earlier type, ink is slowed through a sponge.

I am wondering if the later system allows ink to flow to freely in your Canon printer. Are the carts pushed fully home at the flow nozzle end?

Also, is it possible to release the anti-spill tape after insertion rather than before?

  DrScott 19:34 17 Mar 2006

Well I bought these cartridges last week, so I'd hope they were the latest ones. In any case they're in the bin now and we're using the much more expensive but more reliable Canon ones. I do think the ones we had did flow through a sponge.

It wasn't the anti-spill tape on the black that caused the leak, but rather the big contraption on the front of the cartridge protecting the nozzel.

Anyway, have sent another e-mail to them whinging about the number of problems I've had!

  Arnie 01:30 18 Mar 2006

possibly a refund.

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