Choice of ISP

  john bunyan 17:14 23 Oct 2009

I am near to deciding to move from Pipex / Tiscali due to poor dowload speeds - their promises have not been kept.
I am only interested in "broadband only" suppliers, and also only those with a one month rolling contract. My dowload usage is unknown - mainly iTunes, programmes such as iTunes etc.
I have short listed Zen and ADSL24. Price is a factor but service, reliability, a one month contract are more important. I also not wanting to keep changing e Mail addresses. I will say that Pipex, for me, have solved the spam problem but the speed issue seems to have defeated them.
Any views on the merits of the short list?(O2 a possibility if they will offer a one month deal.)

  sunnystaines 17:28 23 Oct 2009

When you phone to cancel not time date and who you spoke to, it came in handy when pipex\tiscali denied cancellation with me recently.

  sunnystaines 17:28 23 Oct 2009

should read note

  john bunyan 18:17 23 Oct 2009

Yes, they are very difficult to communicate with - auto answers to e emails prevail. A pity an ISP who were the top about 10 years ago are so poor now.

  RobCharles1981 18:22 23 Oct 2009


As far as I'm conerend for a one month rolling contacts you should give ADSL24 a go what have you got to loose?

  john bunyan 18:26 23 Oct 2009

Nothing really, but Zen looks good , too, and maybe bigger? I really want to get it right as the hassle of e mail address change notification, for me is a deterrent. (why I have stuck with Pipex for so (maybe too) long). I'll just see what others think of these two on the short list. Pipex claim to be solving the problem, but I doubt it.JB

  ajm 19:10 23 Oct 2009

ADSL24 and Zen are both very good ISP. With regards to email, why dont you consider getting yourself a domain name and this will allow you to have a email address for life and will not affect if you move ISPs

  interzone55 20:26 23 Oct 2009

Take a look at O2, very good value, with unlimited downloads and decent speeds.

I moved from Demon, who struggled to give me 2 mbit/s to O2 in March and have now got a pretty steady 3.8 mbit/s.

If you live in an area with O2 kit in the exchange the price is £12.23 or £7.34 if you have an O2 mobile. If your exchange doesn't have O2 equipment then the price is £17.13.

Check ISP availability at your exchange here click here

O2 sign-up page click here

  rdave13 20:59 23 Oct 2009

Like RobTheOrganGuru, changed from AOL to Entanet (ADSL24) and haven't regreted it. 1 month contract. My second choice would be O2 but don't think they have a one month contract. Might be wrong though.
One good thing about using web mail is that it doesn't matter about changing ISPs.

  john bunyan 12:32 24 Oct 2009

ajm, alan14, rdave13. I will certainly look at web mail - any preferences? O2, I think , only has longer term contracts, and just in case they grt worse (however unlikely) I prefer the one month contract. I have heard again from Pipex and have given them a deadline for improvement, or I will ask for a MA Code to switch. My local exchange is not ADSL2 enabled so I am limited to a max of about 6.4 Mbps, although ADSL2 offer "up to 24 Mbps". I will mark this as resolved for now. Thanks to all who have replied. (No Zen users as yet!)

  interzone55 12:49 24 Oct 2009

Googlemail (neé Gmail) provide a fantastic webmail service. They've had a couple of outages this year, but I've been using the service for 5 years now and the odd problem every now & again seems totally insignificant in light of the fantastic (and totally free) service they provide.

click here

GMX Mail is well regarded, but I've not used it
click here

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