Choice of 2 sat navs?

  Grambo 11:21 28 Mar 2009

I have narrowed my search down to 2 models. The Navman S30 3D and the RAC 300. Thought it might be worth asking if anyone has any experience comparison wise, in terms of updates, ease of use.

  user8 11:29 28 Mar 2009

I went for the Tom Tom One.
So easy to use & cheap.

  user8 11:29 28 Mar 2009

I went for the Tom Tom One.
So easy to use & cheap.

  spuds 12:23 28 Mar 2009

I have been using a Navman F20 for ages. Updates and accessories easily available.Customer service is also very good and knowledgeable.

Like most sat-nav, if there is a next left or right turning, and the council or utility company have the road closed, then it might get a little confusing ;o)

  sunnystaines 12:24 28 Mar 2009

tomtom seem to be the best from my view.

  BT 16:57 28 Mar 2009

Like spuds I have a Navman F20 and it does all I need it to. Its an old model now though and the newer ones have more functions. As long as its a good make I would go for the one with the biggest screen.

  Chris the Ancient 17:06 28 Mar 2009

Like user8, I went for the Tom Tom One (after having an older NavMan) and never regretted it.

The functions that I miss from the NavMan I've well managed without.

The biggest advantage that I found with Tom Tom is that it settles into the satellites much faster than the NavMan ever did - something of which I have been glad of in the mornings!


  carver 11:30 29 Mar 2009

Have a look here click here it might help

  carver 11:32 29 Mar 2009

Sorry that link only works if you are a logged into Which

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