Chocolate Marmite Bars.

  Big L 266 09:31 01 Oct 2010


The link below takes you to a Daily Mail article about Marmite Chocolate Bars.

click here

Notwithstanding the review, will you be trying a chocolate Marmite bar?

I will just for the heck of it!

Big L 266

  onthelimit 09:41 01 Oct 2010

Hmmm. Love Marmite and chocolate, but not sure about this!

  Kevscar1 10:40 01 Oct 2010

Think I will give it a miss and wait for the Tandoori Chocolate bar.

  iscanut 11:14 01 Oct 2010

The Tikka Masala choc bar is the best !

  wids001 11:28 01 Oct 2010

Too right I will. I was brought up on Marmite and still have it (thick) on a couple of slices of toast every morning.

  Big L 266 11:44 01 Oct 2010


I'm not sure about this combination either but a chook-based tandoori and a chook-based tikka masala choccy bar? You're kidding me surely?!Is there such a thing?

wids001....Now thats not fair! You've planted the seeds into my head to whizz off to the kitchen for a couple of thick Marmite toasties!

Its no good fellow chocolatier lovers. I've got to get myself a bar but in sunny(?) Spalding I don't think so. Lest I can buy one mail order or from John Lewis' store in downtown Peterborough!

Oh my poor old taste buds.....

Big L 266

  onthelimit 12:08 01 Oct 2010

Wonder what they'd be like deep fried?

  sunnystaines 13:08 01 Oct 2010

could find it in the supermarkets

  BT 17:24 01 Oct 2010

Reminds me of plans a few years back for Chilli Flavoured Ribena. I worked for an associated company and they even produced some samples. It wasn't at all nice and I really can't imagine WHY they even thought of the idea.

  spuds 21:57 01 Oct 2010

Battered fried Mars Bars took off quite well north of the border, so no doubt Marmite bars might be a specialty in some areas.

I have a friend who runs a food processing company, whose products are sold by many of the supermarkets and trade outlets. They have a section that undertakes 'new products' experiment ion. I am beginning to get fed up with the rejects :O(

  wids001 10:37 02 Oct 2010

I was told they tested them on TV last night (Alan Titchmarsh). Apparently they weren't too bad. Then again, you'll either love 'em, or hate 'em!

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