Chip and Pin up the stakes in fighting fraud

  -pops- 08:44 15 Apr 2003

says a headline in your Latest News section.

Well, a similar system of a four digit code being required when using a credit/debit card has been operating in France (and possibly the rest of Europe) since 1995. Anyone who has been to the cross channel hypermarkets will have seen the keypads at the checkouts

But then, the first supermarket bar code scanner I saw was in a tiny back street supermarket in Grasse (South of France) a considerable time before I ever saw one in the UK - and look at the French telephone system - years ahead of that here.

UK leading world technology?

Do me a favour;-))


  -pops- 08:46 15 Apr 2003

Should have added - cards with chips, not magnetic strips.

  darkjedimistress 16:32 15 Apr 2003

I read somewhere that the Banks are now putting the onus on the stores etc to be responsible for credit card fraud if they are not using these new systems by a certain date. 2005 isn't it?

  darkjedimistress 16:34 15 Apr 2003

So are we also expected to input a pin number in front of the shop assistant and the prevailing queue also? It will be interesting to see how this works when in effect. Playing the cover-up game at cashpoints is already great fun.

  -pops- 15:23 16 Apr 2003

Putting your pin number into the machine is quicker than printing out and then signing a slip. The keypads are small and shielded from view. I've worked a lot in France and likewise used these things a lot. The only problem I had was that I had to remember to use my French issued Visa/Carte Bleu and not my UK Visa even though they were both equipped with a chip.


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