Cheepest GeForce 4

  SteevScotland 15:50 12 Jan 2003
  SteevScotland 15:50 12 Jan 2003

What is the cheepest anyone has seen? I am looking for a Geforce 4 MX with Svideo tv out. The cheepest I've found sofar is £45 including VAT. Any one know of any going cheeper?

Cheers S

  Spencus 16:01 12 Jan 2003

seach here click here

  rustyninja 16:14 12 Jan 2003
  HiTmAN [3v1l l33t] 19:30 12 Jan 2003

dude nonono go to click here or click here

  scattysurfer 12:59 14 Jan 2003

When I play Lord of the Rings PC cd-rom game
my computer crashes when I press the 'R' key, which denotes the Ring. This happens in the first phase.
Should I install the above card?
Can anybody help?

  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 23:23 14 Jan 2003

Why do you want to buy a Geforce 2.5 I mean 4. They are ok cards but they arent a fully Direct X 8 compliant card. I upgraded mine to a geforce 3 TI 200. If you want a good card look for a radeon 8500 LE try crucial they sell them pretty cheaply or see if you can get hold of a geforce 3 TI 200. The GF3 TI 200 card performs exactly the same as the MX 440 but the TI 200 is a better card, you get better effects (pixel shaders)

  SteevScotland 01:01 15 Jan 2003

My friend specified a geforce 4 MX. he doesnt realy play a lot of games so loads of bells and whistles are not important to him. Is far is i know he mainly uses the PC for the net and multimedia.

Cheers S

  Gaz 25 01:36 15 Jan 2003

click here

It's good to have a Graphics card as it speeds up the system even if you don't play games!

  SteevScotland 01:44 15 Jan 2003

My friend just told me he bought one today from a friend who was upgrading.

Cheers S

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