Cheating DELL

  Andy-218631 20:50 02 Oct 2004

My sister purchased a computer from Dell which was supplied without Floppy Drive. When she asked about the FDD they asked her to pay £ 17.67. She sent a cheque for £ 17.67 on 29 Jan 2004 and it was cleared from her bank a/c on 3 Feb 2004. They didn't supply Floppy Drive even after calling several times. Then, she wrote to managing director and called him several times. When she got him on the phone finally he said that Rakesh Kumar made a mistake. The Floppy Drive cost would be £ 32.90. Rakesh Kumar was the person who quoted £ 17.67 for FDD. She agreed to pay the difference amount but the MD said it's a different account, so pay the full amount and he would sent the cheque for £ 17.67. She paid the full amount £32.90 by direct debit and got the FDD. She is still waiting for the cheque for £ 17.67 which was paid earlier for FDD. She bought a cartridge for printer and it was an old stock which is of no use. She has spent more than £100 for telephone itself.

I'm in-charge of IT dept in our company. We recently purchased 12 PCs & 2 servers. When our director suggested Dell as the supplier I told him all these. Then we have black-listed Dell in our supplier list. I have informed all my friends (IT Professionals) not to buy anything from Dell.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:21 02 Oct 2004

'She has spent more than £100 for telephone itself'...hate to be cynical but something is not right here. BTW most large companies use Dell, so yours will be a lone voice.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:22 02 Oct 2004

ps...may I enquire who supplied your PCs and servers then?


  spuds 22:05 02 Oct 2004

If you want to blacklist Dell, I think that you will be a very lone voice considering that Dell have a very strong foothold, especially in the commercial world like the NHS here in the UK.

  Sir Radfordin 22:22 02 Oct 2004

Even if you are buying 12 PCs and 2 servers from someone other than Dell I doubt they will really notice. Try adding a zero on the end of those two figures and you find that Dell do all they can to keep you happy!

  Forum Editor 02:09 03 Oct 2004

of computers and one of the computer industry's most successful and profitable businesses. Their website receives around 10 million hits a day, which is an astonishing traffic figure by anyone's standards.

The company got where it is by selling direct to its customers - you won't find a Dell computer on sale in a shop - and by providing the corporate world with well-built, reliable computers. Most big companies (and many small ones) rely on Dell technology at some point, and when I visit my bigger clients I see hundreds of Dell machines on their network and Dell Poweredge servers running in the server rooms.

Of course the company has some customer service problems, the same as any other big organisation, but the percentage of complaints compared to volume of sales is very low. I have criticised the company's service levels in the past, but they've made a considerable effort to improve over the past year or so, and it shows - we get relatively few Dell complaints now, compared to say two years ago.

If you've black-listed Dell on the basis of one bad experience you've done your company no favours, and to say that your'e telling all your friends not to buy Dell for the same reason is just silly. A £100 phone bill over a £17.67 cheque doesn't seem quite right - surely your sister has cancelled the cheque with her bank? She doesn't need the cheque itself to be returned does she?

  Andy-218631 15:48 03 Oct 2004

Even I had a good opinion about Dell. I'm concerned about the way they deal the complaint. £17.67 is not a big amount. The managing director's reply that the sales person Rakesh Kumar made a mistake that he quoted wrongly. £100 for telephone is approximate. No one keeps exact account for this kind of expense. She called many times from her mobile which is Pay As You Go. I have black-listed Dell in our private circle. I don't tell anyone to black-list Dell. Because, Dell is not going to worry about a single person's or a small group's boycott. What about the ink cartridge they supplied. She doesn't need the cheque itself. She needs the money back.

I think everybody knows the price of FDD that is £7 and £9 for black. Anyway, it's a good lesson.

I thank everyone who responded.

  Forum Editor 16:43 03 Oct 2004

in your posts - it's meaningless and does nothing to enhance your argument.

1. The fact that your sister called from a pay as you go phone is her affair - she must have realised that it's the most expensive way of making a phone call.

2. Dell discontinued the provision of floppy drives in all their desktop models some time ago. The standard Dell price for an internal drive is £32:90, and that price is clearly advertised on their web site. I have no idea where you got the figures of £7 and £9 from.

3. You state that the ink cartridge was "old stock" - what exactly does that mean, did it stop the cartridge from working?

The fact that you've "black-listed" Dell is your own affair - it has no bearing on your problem. We're here to help people with computer problems, and we'll help you if we can - just tell us what you need to know.

  Rayuk 17:09 03 Oct 2004

I think you will find that you can buy a floppy drive for between £7 and £9[not from Dell of course]

  Stuartli 17:23 03 Oct 2004

Just for interest, top brand FDD drives from Sony and similar makes cost under £5 these days - for instance £4.34 including VAT at Scan.

  Chris25 17:53 03 Oct 2004

I've found Dell to be quite expensive for add on parts like floppy drives, extra memory etc., which was the main reason I passed them over when choosing a new PC.

£32.90 (i.e. more that 6x the cost elsewhere)is a little excessive don't you think?

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