cheapest way to update an old desktop pc?

  theDarkness 17:21 24 Dec 2009

I have an old 2001 desktop, im thinking it might be easier to just buy a new tower with already built in memory+motherboard? I already have a pci soundcard, 2 fairly new internal hard drives, and an enermax power supply, that I imagine I might be able to use with most new systems, but im not sure where i would only be able to find a new tower with just the above built in? I dont mind if I had to buy win7 seperate, but i suppose together it might cost slightly less?

I am especially finding it hard to find a system without an internal hard drive already fitted. what are the best pc stores online that I can use to just select my individual parts, and they will send it all together, built up if possible?

  bremner 17:39 24 Dec 2009

Novatech bundles is a good starting point.

click here

  theDarkness 18:22 24 Dec 2009

forgot about them, ill take a look :) I think ill be looking for a new tower with cpu and ram already built in, nothing more. I noticed novatech sell alot of "net-tops", horizontally standing bare bores pcs, never seen those before, although not much room there for updating

I know some of the most popular sites. scan, maplin and misco, although I may still looking for that essential 'click-to-select-your-chosen-parts, so-we-can-build-and-send-them!' style service. thanks!

  theDarkness 18:24 24 Dec 2009

they also sell more barebones systems, exactly what im after, thanks

  canarieslover 20:33 24 Dec 2009

For the 2001 desktop were the hard drives IDE or SATA? If they were SATA then a motherboard that old would not have supported SATA 3 so you may be stifling the performance of a new machine by fitting slower hard drives. Quite honestly I would go for the complete tower and an external case to enable you to use the spare hard drives as back-up storage.

  theDarkness 23:47 26 Dec 2009

I have two internal hard drives in the old desktop, they use IDE. the most recent is 300Gb, the oldest 200Gb (which replaced the Seagate 80Gb hard drive I got with the system initially, it stopped working due to a heat issue). I also have a 500Gb external drive now which I use to store and move more important documents. This old system was from Time, it has a Via motherboard with a 1.6Gb athlon processor. It did not have dedicated graphics and sound cards when bought, so I eventually added them. The graphics card in it now is an AGP NVidia GeforceFX 5 series, from around 2004. The audio card is a PCI Hercules Muse 5.1 6-channel series, bought in 2005. click here

I was thinking perhaps the audio card if compatible might be worth a shot on a new system? The only other issue I have is installing a new copy of windows, whether win7 would be cheaper in a barebones bundle, or buying seperately. If it is cheaper in a bundle, it may be unfortunate that I may also be spending money on an internal hd I might not really need, if I can still use my two IDE ones. thanks for the reply

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