Cheap winXP computer before vista launch ?

  keewaa 17:19 20 May 2006

I'm just wondering if you think there will be a spurt of cheap winXP PCs in Nov Dec, as manufacturers try to get rid of their stock before vista comes out?

  anskyber 17:28 20 May 2006

For some perhaps but since not all will run Vista they may not feature. Lets not forget that a PC bought now can be upgraded for those who want to. So its not one or the other.

  961 19:09 20 May 2006

Quite honestly manufacturers revise their system specifications on a weekly basis, and because of the competition within the industry they just can't afford to have stock lying around unsold

I would suggest the best time to buy may well be during the summer holidays when folk are out and about and on their way to the Med.

If you watch the ads from folk like Dell you'll be amazed at how the prices do vary, presumeably because of demand. A month ago I bought a laptop from Dell for under £300. It's advertised this weekend at £399. Despite a slight variation in spec, it's no longer quite the bargain it was. Wait till the last day of school and the price may well fall again

So far as Vista machines are concerned, remember to allow a good 6 months after launch before you buy, while the bugs the public find are ironed out

Don't, whatever you do, ring Dell while the Eurovision Pong Contest is on the box tonight. The lines will be overloaded as everyone tries to find light relief!

  The 12th Man 21:26 20 May 2006

If you can remember wayyyyyyy back when XP was released, manufacturers (ditributors?) were selling computers with ME and you get a FREE XP upgrade. This meant they didn't have to get rid of a lot of computers cheaply.

Now, I know the system requirements are quite hefty for Vista but I think the same sort of thing will happen. I reckon they will sell a lot with the minimum requirements for Vista and when customers upgrade they'll call support saying "Ever since I've upgraded to Vista, my computer's going slow. It's a new computer and Vista is supposed to be better..."
That's when they are told that they need to upgrade their hardware for it to run faster.

  spuds 12:50 21 May 2006

A simple question and answer-Did it make any difference when Microsoft introduced Windows/ME and XP !!.

You will always get people who must have the latest, but on the same hand, many will stick with the product that they know, and wait for feedback. Similar with SP1, SP2 and possibly SP3/SP4?.

  Forum Editor 14:01 21 May 2006

There are still many hundreds of thousands of people quite happily chugging along with Windows 95 machines, never mind Windows 98/ME.

The uptake of a new operating system tends to be driven by the computer manufacturers, all of whom will switch to Vista after launch. That means that within six months or so there will be millions of machines running Vista, and their owners will have played no part in the choice. Add to that the huge number of 'early adopters' like those of us who are involved in the industry, and those of you who are keen computer users, and you have the makings of a sizeable user-base within a short time of the launch.

  bremner 14:02 21 May 2006

A simple question and answer-Did it make any difference when Microsoft introduced Windows/ME and XP !!.

Answer in respect of XP - yes a massive difference

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