Cheap MS Office downloads

  Kenneth-266656 13:16 05 Jan 2008

Has anyone experience of a site called Sells copies of MS Office 2007 for £20 (pay after you've downloaded). Site testimonials look good but that means nothing! Not so much concerned about the £20 but am concerned about messing up my system.

  Kemistri 13:19 05 Jan 2008

I would be more concerned about the fact that it smacks of piracy.

  tullie 13:40 05 Jan 2008

Its got to be.

  Forum Editor 13:46 05 Jan 2008

can sell a legal copy of Microsoft Office 2007 for £20 unless he/she is a philanthropist, and you don't find too many of them selling software.

It's a pirate copy - don't touch it.

  octal 13:50 05 Jan 2008

If you want a free legal office suit use OpenOffice click here for normal use it's more than adequate.

  Kenneth-266656 19:56 05 Jan 2008

Many thanks to all who responded

  ajm 10:45 06 Jan 2008

if you are a student at university and have a university email account ending with, click here click here

Full legitimate copy of Office 2007 Ultimate for under £40

  Zaphod 3 14:32 06 Jan 2008

If the company you work for is a member of the home use programme you can get Office 2007 for approx £20.

  ronalddonald 20:06 22 Feb 2008

go these places because they will do differnt versions which similar to microsoft and you can get them much cheape

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